Saturday, September 20, 2008

Starting over yet Again....

This is the third time in as many years. the first time I lost my Townhouse though means I don't want to go into. Let it suffice to say family issues. Found myself homeless, one week on the job and no where to go. Picking myself up, was something i thought I would never do. But I did. Found a trailer in Virginia, With a nice landlady. Because I had no furniture, no food, no anything. She set me up with used furniture she had, and gave me a break on the deposit. there, Starting over. After two years I found my self on my feet, with savings, my credit getting cleared up, when my daughter asked me to move to Florida. She needed Assistance. I didn't realize how bad off she was until I got there.
she had been living, with no way to get out, no money, stuck in a apartment with her baby and a controlling boyfriend. the First thing she did was to get a job, life pretty much blew up between her and her boyfriend and we found ourselves on our own. not a bad thing, but it was a hard road.
we found ourselves evicted. Soo We moved yet again this time to Charleston. And here is where I am starting from. The previous it the readers Digest Condensed Version of some horrendous events. Events we need not detail, because although they effected my life, they crushed hers.
Here in Charleston, I transferred my job and we are living in a motel while she finds work.
Our goal is for both of us to do what we have always wanted to do. We added my son into the equation, who at the time we arrived was homeless, (which is why we chose Charleston) and the three of us are starting new lives.
This Blog will be the saga, of the mistakes we make and the successes we have.
Our first success since we have been here a week is my son Christian, now has a job and a place to stay.
I am in a higher position at my job then I was, so I am making more money. We have to now find a place to live.
So first on our list of things to accomplish is:
Finding a Job for Michelle.
We have, in the last week been to many places and put in many applications. We are writing her resumhife.
As for my job, I am lead over 5 "gentlemen" who have never had a supervisor on that shift and have been acting like three year olds all week. They take long lunches, pount when asked to do something. ANNNNDD throw temper tantums. I kid you not. I finally threatened to write them up! i told them I was very tired of the behavior and if they did not like Walmart they could go to Target. I am already Tomorrow is Sunday. This starts the second week. We expect changes and lots of good news for this week!
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