Thursday, December 11, 2008

For the Kids

My job is stressful. Working retail during the Christmas season has to be as stressful as sitting next to your mother in law when a old boyfriend shows up.
Wal Mart during any time of the year is busy. We stock all day and all night and still cannot keep up with the customers. Most times they are understanding but at Christmas, it seems to bring out the worse in people. They want it and they want it now.
The toy department is the worse. Parents want their children to have what they asked for,and it is really heartbreaking to them to find out we are sold out. I remember when my kids were young standing in line from midnight until toys r us opened at ten the next morning for a Polly pocket for my daughter. Parents just do things like that.
I wonder if we spoil our kids when we do that. Is it okay for them to expect to get everything they ask for?
My daughter and I have been planning my granddaughters Christmas list. Between the Dora and Diego, Barney and Wonder Pets and clothes, we will be spending about 150.00 each.
WAIT! for a two year old??? Reevaluation time.
We spend a lot of time trying to instill in Tasha the real meaning of Christmas, but she is soo young of course she doesn't understand.
She could do without the toys, but the real truth is I am buying them for me. I love to see she has everything she wants. It's a grandma thing. But is it good for the Baby?
I was watching parents tonight, walking out with baskets piled high with toys. One parent had three baskets. Had to ask her how many children she had, she told me two. A boy and girl 5 and 7. Three baskets of toys. Oh yes, but she had done most of her shopping this was just the end.
I think about kids who have nothing to eat, ad their toys will come from the Marines.
I remember when I was a child, some organization donated a tree and gifts to our family. The doll was very used, very much loved by another child first.but I had never had a doll. I was so excited One doll. made my year and I still remember.
Sometimes, I think I forget about those who have nothing. I buy the Operation Christmas child shoe boxes, I donate my gift to toys for tots and the Angel tree. But is that enough?
Christmas morning, Tasha's tree will be piled high with gifts from mom, Dad, uncles Aunts and three sets of grandparents.
I think about the people shopping at Wal Mart today and how lucky their kids will be, even the ones we didn't have the toy for will have many others to replace it.
and the children, whose names are on the tree, will they be happy?
I hope so. I hope every child has his or hers Christmas wish. I hope I can help in someway to make a difference. Maybe some of Tasha's gifts from Nanny will find their way to another child.
Everyone child should have a merry Christmas. How do you help that to happen?
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