Tuesday, December 23, 2008

O Christmas Tree.......

I came home tonight after the worse night in my Wal Mart career ( I am saying that every night now hm mm) and found the Christmas tree laying on it's side.  It looked a little pitiful, just laying there. Branches going every which way, snuggled up against the wall.
I couldn't imagine what had happened to it, unless it was a excited 2.10 year old.  I tried to lift the poor thing up, since it only has a few days in it nice warm place, I thought it should be at least standing. I found out then why it was still on the floor. It was heavy. I heaved and hoed for a little minute, then sat down with a vitamin drink and told the tree it would have to wait until tomorrow. I am not sure, but I think I heard a sigh of relief.  From the tree, mind you.
So it lays there, on the ground waiting for a reprieve. Luckily no presents met their fate in the demise of the tree.
The only thing I could think of was the tree, was crooked and we didn't secure it correctly. Being Women who in the past have had husbands and boyfriends to do the honors, we apparently weren't strong enough to screw n the little thingies to the trunk. So we will try tomorrow if the tree survives the night. Looking at it, I feel it is feeling a little worn. 
Sitting here I am remembering Christmases long past. When we put up the tree the day after thanksgiving, going to a Christmas tree farm and cutting it down, then stopping at Denny's or somewhere for lunch. Opening one present on Christmas eve, baking cookies, carols, cooking for days.
My daughter is starting new traditions for Natasha, however Tasha is getting the splendid end of the stick. Her mom is so excited, she is finding every reason int he world to let Tasha open her Christmas gifts. We just hope there are some left for Christmas morning. 
My son, whose life has pretty much fallen apart like ours has, as I have spent the last few Christmases alone. Every year I have gotten a phone call asking for the recipe to my macaroni and cheese or my special jello. Recipes, that he equates with his childhood and wanted to share with Friends who took him in. A tribute to his remembrance of his childhood,
this year for the first time in 10 years, we will all be together. With a new addition. Her first Christmas that she will remember.
2 more days. So if I can convince deni not to let tasha open anymore presents. and IF I can make sure her present remains hidden (she has been looking and looking for it, I KNOW I keep changing the hiding place) and If, the tree stands tomorrow. It should be a pretty good Christmas.

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