Thursday, January 8, 2009

Vacation Diary...Charleston SC

Three months ago when we moved to Charleston,we left most of our things in Florida, in storage. We couldn't afford to rent a truck at the time, and we had no where to go we were going to be staying in a hotel until we found someplace. It seemed the most reasonable thing to do. We planned a trip this week to go back and pick up the things, straighten out some driver license hassles Denise has been having, visit friends Tasha's other grandparents, her dad well you get the picture. But it ended up we have to cancel. Money situation, so I went to work and asked for my days back 7 days :5 vacation and two regular  days off. No, I was told. It is already in the system. The computer can't be changed. I hate computers! 
Butthen, I thought,  I live in one of the most beautiful cities in the world, well at least the USA The south? No matter, Charleston is a city full of rich history and heritage. (Remember Rhett wasn't received in Charleston,) It even has an aircraft carrier, three beaches, a Huge museum and several smaller ones. Yes, so I am going to see Charleston this week and keep a diary of my daily visits. So jumping in:
Day one: 
Today started slow, because it was the first day of vacation. I took my daughter to work like always, came home and crashed. (I didn't get home from work until 3am took her in at 5am)
Tasha and I slept for a couple of hours, (she is usually a morning person ) then picked up her mom and ran errands. 
Library, paid bills, window shopping, looked for a store that apparently doesn't exists, down from the bowling alley, I won't tell you what kind of store (No not that kind! Behave! this is a clean blog) got stuck in traffic, a car tried to run me off I26, I cut off a car on I526 (by accident but at least we're all even now a tit for a tat) went to the post office to pick up our mail and tell them not to hold it, and drowned our sorrows in Taco Bell.

Through all of this, somewhere in our travels while my back was turned: my nose  starts to run, my throat is scratchy, my head begins to hurt Must be allergies.
Has to be, right? 
5:30 pm first day in bed with scratchy throat, apple cider and Alka Seltzer cold and sinus. 

So tomorrow is another day.  We will start over. We've got plans. gonna beat this cold tonight!

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