Sunday, March 15, 2009

I wonder why.....

Tasha is ill today. Full fledged cold. the first in her life. I feel sorry for her. She looks so miserable.
She is carring a towel around that is bigger then she is to use to wipe her nose. She didn't want to be bother with kleenix, so she got a bath towel out to the linen closet and has been carrying it around to sneeze and wipe her nose in. 
Finally got her down for a little rest, and she fell asleep at the 10th singing of twinkle twinkle little star. I looked over and she was gone on twink....
I wonder why kids have to get ill. 
Earlier this week, I saw something coming. She has been grouchy, misbehaving, and downright bratty. Tasha is not like that so, being an experienced Grandma I waited for the hammer to fall. It did today.
She discovered earlier this week, that the little buttons next to the doorknobs will make it impossible to get into a room. She experimented and locked her mom out of her room. 
Denise expertly opened the lock with a credit card. I didn't feel it necessary to ask her how she learned that little trick, though secretly I wondered how.
So my blog to day is things I wonder about.  When Eric was little he would be just sitting in space  and say out of the blue. "I wonder how the sky knows when to be blue," or  "I wonder why lightening strikes the ground?" his clue for mom to rush to the encyclopedia of science to give him an answer.
This, folks, was the pre Google, wikepedia days.So:
I wonder why Kids have to get ill.
I wonder why we changed dalight saving time.
I wonder why the person in line ahead of me when I am in a hurry always pays with pennies.
I wonder why the other line always moves faster.
I wonder why the car ahead of me is the one driven by a 100 year old lady at 6 miles a hour. 
I wonder why no matter what Walmart I am in, no matter what I am wearing I always get asked "do you work here?" Do I have Walmart Associate" stamped on my forehead?
I wonder, why, Jesus doesn't  hurry.
I wonder why mothers have to watch their children starve. 
I wonder, if you my friends are happy.
I pray you are. 
God Bless alll 

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