Saturday, April 11, 2009

Online Dating: You do WHAT for a living?????

A couple of my friends and fellow bloggers are involved in online dating. I have spent a lot  of time laughing at their exploits. 
How is online dating different from regular dating? I really don't know. But somehow it is. 
I have one friend who has had two dates and ended up paying for both meals when his credit card was rejected. 
My Daughter got a email suggesting some things I won't mention here, but were inappropriate.
I don't know if it is much different. Some of my online dates have been memorable. I remember one guy who told me, he was 6 ft 3 in tall, handsome, was a manger at jc penny's. When I met him he was about 5'7" blind in one eye, well both his glasses were thicker then mine, and he was a custodian at well, this was right JCpenny's. Denise to this day teases me about him. He had more hair then your average pekinese and picked his teeth. All the time. We went out to dinner and it turned out the only reason he took me out was because he had a 25 dollar gift card as a christmas bonus from his job. He had been saving it for a special occaison, (I felt good about that) but please do not go over 25. the cheapest thing on the menu was 15.00 hmmmm. Well I offered to pay for mine. Which I did, and he actually puffed up and got indignant when I mentioned splitting the tip. Tip? Whats that? Apparently the only resturants he had been to was macdonalds. So I left the tip. last date. But not the last I heard from him. Denis called me and tolld me:He called her and tried to pick her up. Hmmm  Something wrong with this picture? Bye Bye!
Another Gentlemen invited me to coffee, we had a great conversation, it looked like we were going to hit it off, then his credit card was declined. Declined for 5 dollars?????? Well money isn't everything. Until of course he asked me to borrow 20 to get a cab home. Sure, it was worth it to get rid of him. 
Another gentlemen I met came down from DC, He was a nice enough guy. We went on a tour of 
the city. His idea of eating out was subway, but that's okay. Denise liked him, but she always has suspected he was married. I don't know, but we still correspond by email. We have never gotten together. 
The next one  I met came riding in on his BMW. I was impressed. until he told me how he afforded it. at this point let me mention guys and gals the 5 things you probably shouldn't mention on a first date:
  • Tales of your slightly deranged family members
  • The fact that your previous partner stalks you
  • How you admire Hitler’s leadership ability
  • That all your exes have dumped you
  • Previous criminal activity/ incarceration
Yep, that's right he was the dealer of Mary Jane on his job. Date over and fast. 

Online dating is far more stressful then regular dating, but you must admit you get some interesting stories to blog about. If you live to tell. 
The one nice one I met so far, I still write to. We just are not compatible. Too Bad. He told the truth to.  Well, maybe. I can't seem to get him after certain hours and he disappears on weekends. Oh well, so much for I probably won't qualify for EHarmony, My daughter does Yahoo, maybe I'll just stay home and drink my own coffee. I don't have to pay for it or share it, and I don't have to worry about His credit card. Just mine. 
Sounds like a winner to me. 

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