Thursday, February 4, 2010

Dear Someone Thursday

Dear Groundhog
I counted on you, I really did. all of this rainy weather is a bit much. I thought, The groundhog will put a stop to it! But, you let me down. You had to come out and see your shadow. What were you thinking??

I think we should have a retake day and you should have to do it all over until you get it right. You saw the movie Groundhog day, didn't you? Now get back in there come out and see that shadow., and I do mean now!
An interested bystander

Dear Tasha:
Your Birthday is less then ten days away. I can't tell you how excited I am about that, not because you will be 4, I hate that because it means you are growing up, but because you can stop telling me about that blasted WII.

Dear Sharon:
You are so close to my heart these days. I wonder if that is because your birthday is coming up? After alll of these years, I still miss you and it still hurts as bad as the day you died. I know you are better off in heaven, but it doesn't mean I miss you less. I think about all we missed, you missed high school, proms, Natasha, and a whole host of other things a child should enjoy. I remember how all you were looking to after your surgery was getting to take Gymnastics. Denise and Eric tell me I drummed it in your heads how life isn't fair, but life isn't fair but it's not fair if I lost all these years with you.
Be patient until I get there, I broke my promise about always being with you, but I won't when I get to heaven.

Dear God:
My mother used to tell me when it rained the angels were craying. That is such a cute story. If you would please, tell them to put a sock in it.
Your servant who is drowning.

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