Monday, February 8, 2010

Werewolves, almost 4 years olds and the best blog award goes to.....

We monitor Tasha's TV viewing very carefully, but made an error yesterday. While we weren't looking, Tasha saw a program that scared her.
Of all places on the Disney channel. She kept her mom up all night, keeps peeking around doors and is afraid to go outside.

Werewolves are, (I think) make believe creatures, but aparently on "the Wizards of Waverly Place" one of the kids turned into a werewolf and this made an impression on Tasha.

Now I have to tell you, This is a child who will sit for hours watching her mom there play World of Warcraft, and that worried me. I was sure those monster would follow her, but no. didn't bother her at all.

It is hard to understand what goes on in a child's mind, I think it was because she saw what she perceived to be a men change into a wolf.

I wonder at the marvel that goes on in a childs mind, the wonderful discovery of new things and scary. How do they tell the difference?

How can she know that the game is make believe and the TV to her is not?

I have spent all day convincing her or trying to, that werewolves are imagination. But it is so stuck in her mind,m I had to go to the potty with her she was afraid it would come after her.

When I noticed it was scaring her, I turned it off, I wonder if I had let it play to the end and she had seen what happened to the wolf if it would have been all right?

Then maybe not.

I hate seeing a child hurt or injured, but scared and we can't take the fear away boggles my mind.

What would you do?

Envelope Please!

A while back I got this award form "living alone in the Holy Land" a great blog within itself, and one I wouldn't even put myself in league with...bu she likes my blog..YEA!

So now it is time to pass it on. There are so many blogs I enjoy, not all mommy bloggers as they are called. When I first started blogging, I didn't think I had a spot. I wasn't a mommy, I wasn't at that time and entreprenuer, I just didn't fit anywhere...but I found my niche and Amanda Short was one of the reasons. 

Family of Shorts is a great blog, I read her first and joined a couple of her meme's simply because she is a great person to be linked to. 

So Shortmama..thanks for all you do...and hats off to you...

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