Friday, April 16, 2010

Bk Review! Daughter of Mine

Life generally goes on day-to-day with little changes or upsets.  You know what you have to do and you do it. You know your job, the people in your life and what you are to them.
What would you do if  the most important truth in your life, the one you held the dearest and the most secure about:turned out not to be true?
Twenty-seven year old Tiziana Manoretti is told of a family secret that shatters her world and sends her to Italy to find out who she really is.
She began a journey of discovery about herself, her family and the secret she finally discovers is shocking, but turns her idealistic world into reality. Her family becomes stronger for it, and she discovers a whole new part of herself in Italy.
Of course, as all good books do, this book has a love angle. Christopher, tiziana's best friend turns out to be more the a friend. But both, are cautious of their feelings and he keeps sending mixed messages that confuse her life even more. ...and who is the mysterious man she meets in Italy? It would seem he holds some secrets as well, but is his biggest secret one of love?
Laura Fabiani takes a fresh approach in writing the story of a women's life and rebuilding it with determined move into the future.  I like female heroines that are strong and capable. When the book started, I was afraid she was going to be a weak heroine but was presently surprised when she stood up for herself and went on her way to get he answers she wanted.
Her descriptions of Italy, makes you feel as if you are there, she makes it easy to visualize the country. The characters are believable and you are able to form a relationship. I found myself  cheering her on as she made her journey. As soon as I was sure I had the book figured out, I found out I didn't.
This is a great read. I highly recommended it to everyone. It captured me to the point I read it in one night, and missed my favorite show because I was at a critical place and wanted to see what happens.
Paperback: 204 pages
Publisher: iUniverse (September 13, 2008)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0595478573

Laura Fabiani holds a degree in Special Care Counseling and has worked as a psychiatric child counselor and as a special education technician at various institutions. She launched NouveauWriter an online resource for new and aspiring writers. It covers topics on writing, English grammar, vocabulary building and publishing and marketing. She also reviews books at Library of Clean Reads She owns a translation business, mainly translating medical documents from French to English. She currently teaches Creative Writing Workshops in English and French. She lives with her husband and two children in Montreal, Quebec. Visit her


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