Saturday, November 23, 2013

The case for being yourself...

I remember when I was a kid, walking by other peoples houses; The lights on, the glow of the television set a backdrop of family life I never knew. I would imagine such wonderful stories of people laughing and talking, playing games; sitting around the television set and enjoying a show together. These things never happened at my house.

When I grew up, I tried hard to make my life like I imagined others to be. the only models I had been television shows, and I thought life must really be like Donna Reed, and other moms were just like these actresses.

When I became a parent, I tried the Donna Stone, June Cleaver route. It didn't work, mostly because my kids were not the beaver or Jeff and Mary, more importantly: they didn't have a script to follow.

File that.

I came to my senses about the time I began studying the Civil War, strangely. the movie Gettysburg fascinated me, and I started studying the logistics of the battle.

Now I have always been  logistics, and military history was a favorite in high school and college, but their was different. Mainly because of the Gettysburg address.

Eric memorized it for a homeschooling program, so while he was memorizing, I got deeper into reading about the history.

See, now I know this seems to be unconnected but the point is this.

Did you know there were two speakers at the Gettysburg address? Yep, there were.

Edward Everette was the first and most popular speaker. He received a standing ovation, and everyone loved him. his, was the most popular speech and he was the most popular speaker of the day.

Now what has that got to do with me? I realized that whoever I was, I was ok. I didn't have to be the perfect mom, and people would still like me flawed. If I wanted to make a difference, I could as myself. Maybe I wasn't such a bad person after all.

Do you ever feel that way? Well, perhaps this will help. on that historical day, Nov. 19, 1863  everyone loved Everett's speech, but were only polite with Lincoln's which lasted in comparison a very sort and to the point speech.

Do you know Lincoln and the Gettysburg address? I do too.

Next time you are feeling like you have not made a difference, you life means little and you have not reached yours goals......history isn't yet written on you.

I had to look up Edward Everett.

keep the Faith.

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