Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mothers Day 2014

The Kid: Why isn't there a children’s day?
Me: Every day is children’s day, Mother’s day is for appreciating mothers and everything they do for you.
The Kid: Does that mean I only have to appreciate mommy tomorrow?

I believe something was lost in the translation of that conversation. Most articles today will talk about their mothers, and how much they did for them, but I never knew my mother until I was grown. We spent most of my young adulthood fighting, as a matter of fact we had not spoken in six-month when she died. Not much of a legacy.
I like to think I was an adequate mother, none of my children are on drugs, in jail or otherwise disposed. That’s says something, right?
Today, though, I am thinking about the best mothers I know.

She works two jobs and is planning on going to back to college to make life better for her and her child.
She stands on her feet 8-10 hours a day, but comes home and plays with her child. I mean really plays. Roughhousing. And making the sacrifice of all sacrifice watching
“My little pony” movie with the kid. To me that’s awesome.
Single moms have a hard time. They have to be both mom and dad, Teacher, Friend, the bad guy, the good guy, cook, chauffeur, carpooler, housekeeper and tucker inner at the end of the night. Most cases after tucking in you can relax, this particular single mom has to work for a fairly obnoxious boss who seems to feel she can claim all of her time day and night. Still, she graciously does this job because it is for The Kid.
My Daughter is my hero. She is the best mom I know, and frequently she suffers from a crisis of confidence as she worries she is not doing enough for her baby.
She is, more then she knows.

A mother I have known for a long time surprised me recently. She posted a particularly interesting antidote about a bat flying around on her house, on Facebook, and I laughed until I cried. At her writing, at her kids responses.  She had seemed so shy and unassuming when I knew her, but she has raised six children, all of the guys were or are in service to their county in some way, as well as raising two preachers. Amazing.
What surprised me was this shy unassuming lady has such a wonderful sense of humor, and so do all of her children. I see them on Facebook, the joy in her and her offspring is wonderful to behold. The love shared by her family, and the closeness.
I know her mothering years were not easy. Money was tight. She may as well have been a single mom most of the time because her husband’s job took him away so much of the time. At that time they didn't have Facebook, or Skype. When he was out to sea, there couldn't have been much communication. Still she went on plugging away day to day.
I know some people at church sometimes were not kind to her, because she had six children. Still, she persevered on. She home schooled. She read more books than I did, and I thought I read a lot. Every Sunday and Wednesday she showed up with six sparkling clean children, on time. I couldn't do it with three.  She was amazing. Have I said that enough?
She is also my Hero, I wish her the very very happiest of Mother’s day and hope her kids give her a lot of Chocolate. I know it is her favorite and she has earned a lifetime supply.
And I am glad they caught the bat.

No Natasha, Mothers are too be  celebrated every day of the year. Kevin Durant, an NBA player, when giving his acceptance speech for winning MVP, said it best.
Mothers are MVP’s. Especially the two mothers I mentions above, and so is yours.
Happy Mother’s day to all mothers, grandmothers, foster mothers and especially Mothers that have given back their children. WE can be happy we were blessed with our little ones for as long as we were, we weren't promised a lifetime for anything. Thank you for the short times our little ones called us Mom.
Keep the Faith

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