Saturday, August 16, 2014

And so it goes..customers

Customer: I have an emergency, can you deliver overnight?
Me: (somewhat baffled) Emergency? I’m sorry sir what kind of Emergency?
Customer: Isn't this the place that sells the testosterone?
Me: uh, yes.
Customer: I’m 57 and my wife is 43! Can you ship overnight?

Sam Walton’s slogan was “the customer is always right,” If you have worked customer service, you know how hard it is, sometimes, to live by this rule. Some days P.T.Barnum’s “There’s one born every minute seems more of the reality.
Those of us that make our living serving customers usually come home feeling somewhere between really?? And oh no that did not happen.

I worked for Walmart, the biggest retailer in America. Every day I would hear at least one, most times more. “I hate Walmart,” I am not coming back to this store, ever!)
Only to be face to face with that same person the next day. I wonder if they think we don’t remember them.
There is something magical about the number “30”
At Walmart:
I was called from the floor to open a register:
Me: “This register is open”, choosing the next customer inline at the register on the left. (Walmart protocol)
I felt a strong breeze and a lady with short red hair, flaming green eyes in front of my register, the customer I chose is picking up onions off the floor.
I haven’t the slightest idea where she came from she wasn’t in any line I saw, She proceeded to unload her purchases on the belt, and growled at me she had
Waiting 30 minutes. I am not sure where she had been waiting thirty minutes, I hadn’t seen her anywhere.  But, at Walmart, everyone has been waiting 30 minutes even if they have only arrived at checkouts, Perhaps Scotty, tired of her attitude beamed her down.

Customer Service agents are charged with being the representatives of any company. We are how the caller/and or customer perceives the company to represent.
It is not just retail.
UPS store
Customer brings in boxed filled with electronic parts, the product is going to several different departments of the same company. The associate suggested she call the company to see if they could send the items together in one box, or they need to break it down, the customer stepped outside to call.
While the two associates were waiting, a little head popped up, and made its ways to the top of the components.
One associate slammed the box cover; her coworker quickly sealed it. When the customer came back, she told them it could go in one box. What do you do, embarrass the customer? No they took the box outside, unsealed it and repacked it..sans the cockroach.

On the other hand. a customer came in to the shipping office and wanted to have her photograph photo shopped  for so she only looked 52.

Wendy’s: Very busy day on the drive through, the associate finishes with one customer
and asks the new one to hold on for just a moment so he can clear his desk. The customer starts in with a really long order, about 15 items. The associate come back and says, thank you for waiting May I have your order please?
Customer is stunned. Do I need to repeat all of that? No, luckily the associate had his headset on and caught the order. Still, courtesy works both ways. The customer left, learning to listen to what is said and not just expect someone to be at the window,
Customers come in all shapes and sizes. For the most part they are courteous, helpful; and reasonable. But, everyone has a bad day and we, in customer service will always be here to see you through your transaction.

I guess it is just somedays you are the trashcan, and somedays you are the trash.

Do you have a customer service story? Share it please!
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