Sunday, November 2, 2014

Never Give Up

I woke up this morning feeling a little put out. You know the mornings or times where there is so much on your plate you feel Why bother any more?
I know God does nt want us to feel this way, he wants us to look forward, to count on him to make things right. And that is why, we are to trust and know He is God. 

When I get this way, I get into my Bible and read encouraging verses. I read His promises, usually it helps; Today it didn't.
My grandmother used to say, don't look backward look forward, always seach for someone or something that is worse then you are: then count your blessings.
grandma won.
I  scrolled through facebook and found the usual sayings, cheerful posts, but I ran into a video posted by someone I am not even friends with. Where did this come from I wondered. I felt compelled to watch it; and felt so ashamed of my self, and you will see why,

His name is Kayden. Kayden was born with a disease, and he is finally getting a chance to walk. 
This video made me cry because I was fretting about things I could fix. kayden has won life. 
He's got it.
May your life be as joyful as his.

Go Kayden!!!!!!!

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