Wednesday, October 1, 2008

of Spell check, grammer and other things

I am a fast typist, faster sometimes then my brain. that is why I have always Been happy God invented Spell check. Imagine my surprise when I found out Blogger does not have a spell check. "Oh well," I thought, "No one is going to read my blog anyway.
I found myself quite embarrassed Saturday to find two comments on one of my blogs, both very very nice..but still when I reread the blog itself. hmm my mind definitely was going faster then my fingers.
So I corrected it but....damage was done.
My life is going that way right now, it is spinning faster then I am able to check it. I keep going back over things said and done and finding out I need a spell check on my life.
Moving to Charleston was a great thing, transfer to a new wal-mart get a house, but it was done in two weeks. Did we think o just do it.
It was a step in faith on my part. And it is going to work out all right.
I hope.
Sometimes we just have to step out, I think and take a step. We have to move on and not look back.
Looking around me now, I think the best steps I have taken in the past have been the ones, I didn't ponder on but did.
Sometimes thinking to much, is just that too much.
our Saga continues.
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