Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy, Busier and Busiest..

We always new Charleston was a good move for us, but it was proven in the last 6 days. we finally found a house, perfect in almost every way. Big enough for all of us. Believe me My daughter cannot wait to get out of our little efficiency apartment. When I come in at 2 am after working, trying not to step on her and Natasha, tripping over any toy, book or object overlooked on the floor.......trying to quietly find something to eat. Which reminds me, have you noticed that the more your are trying to be quiet the noisier you are?
for instance I go into the fridge 20 times a day and never drop the cheese, milk or whatever, but at 2am the first thing I do is knock something over. I think it is human nature, the harder you try the more you are aware of what you re doing, hence failure, but it doesn't make me feel better waking up the house. Since everyone is in the same room, I do just that.
So the house is exciting to us all. It has a backyard, for Natasha to run and run. And it has doors between the rooms. smile.
My daughter finally hit pay dirt in the job market. Two jobs called her and a third almost hired her on the spot. She is feeling much better being employed.
So we are moving a head in the Charleston starting over market, closing the initial door and looking forward to a new one.
Life most definitely goes on.
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