Friday, November 14, 2008

There are no Atheist in Foxholes....

Charleston is a city of great contrasts. Downtown you are reminded of the past, of the heritage of a great country. The very rich live near the water while six blocks away you find the very poor.
King street runs all the way through town, one end you have your middle of the road shops at the other exclusive boutiques. And in the middle, if you are lucky you can watch teh filming of Army Wives, as you pass the set. It is interesting to walk from one end to the other and enjoy these contrasts and differences.
People are different as well. For some the Civi war rages on (Lee surrendered I didn't they rage) and for some of the younger ones it never happened(War WHAT war? no I didn't listen to history class..should I have?)
The wonderful thing is it is home.
We moved into our house, and now even have beds. How exciting!Got my'puter set up. Tasha now has Noggin and Barney and Deniece has Little house on the prairie. Everyone is happy. The DVR has been going for two days straight taping all the episodes while she works.
Halloween, Eric and Denise took Tasha trick n treating, we weren't sure of the neighborhood. I mean its a nice neighborhood but we hadn't met any of the neighbors.
Being a grand ole southern city, we have a baptist church on one corner and a Methodist church on the other. The Baptist church had a Halloween festival which they went to (Walmart goes on, I had to work) and met a bunch of the neighbors. They turned out to be very nice and reminded her to go to their houses for candy. Tasha rode the pony, got candy, rode the rides and had a general good time.
They went trick or treating later, and Tasha was careful to say Trick or Treat! at every house after they closed the door...her timing is off. The next few days, because we abhor waste, Deni and i ate the rest of the chocolate.
On Saturday the Methodist church had their festival (I guess the churches talk and plan so they don't clash...) where we met the rest of the neighbors who told me the local gossip about the other neighbors and welcomed us to the neighborhood. just like Virginia. It's great to be home
I have to think with so may people around how very good God is to us. He had to place us here, finding this house was just a plain miracle.
We are both so relaxed, and it is if I have always lived here.
Should I find a time when I am weak in my beliefs, it s wonderful He comes out and reminds me He is in control. He placed me where He wanted us to be and filled in the gaps.
I struggle with things, He doesn't. Sometimes I feel like I am in a foxhole fighting a battle of wills with myself. I tend to worry.
I read a book recently about a Chaplain who ministered to soldiers in Iraq. He said may he met on the way over there had no need for God or for him, but later he met almost all of them again after a battle, going on patrol, or in a foxhole. ALL of them wanted prayer at that time.
I need to remember,that believing when things are going bad is a given, it is when they are going good I need to trust more. I also need to remember promises made and count on them
I am not alone in my Foxhole.
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