Monday, November 17, 2008

I have one key to my car, well my daughters car. Forget the trunk key, it has long disappeared. When we moved here from Florida we had to enter the truck through the back seat. It was a challenge but we did it, vowing all the time to get a new key for the trunk and a new ignition key as soon as we got to Charleston. That was almost three months ago.

Today I was sitting blithely at the computer, unaware disaster was about to strike, when my Granddaughter comes up to me and say "Nanny I dropped Mama's keys"

Absently, because I was busily looking up something I mumbled something like, "Tasha you know not to bother Mom's keys" then went back to my computer. Big mistake.

A few hours later, my daughter calls me to come and pick her up from work, and........I can't find he keys.

What did Tasha say? Oh, yes she had dropped them. But where?

Tasha is 2 yrs 8 months old, smarter then a whip but even she had no idea what I was talking about three hours earlier. How she could tell me in an excited voice was. Yes I had them. Where? hmmmmmm

So I searched, my daughter got a friend from work to bring her home. She asked the same questions. She got the same answers.

Still she looked, I looked, and Tasha happily played.

No Keys.

So, because I had to get to work we called Joe the Locksmith. Not to be confused with Joe the plumber because he makes a lot more money.

150 dollars and three hours later, I had a new key, was 5 hours late to work , and Tasha was still insisting she had "dropped" the key. But Where?

This morning we still don't know even though we have looked have the night.

There is a fifth dimension inside every ones house that things disappear to,

For instance, the two socks that go in and only one sock returns? there is a sock room in that fifth dimension. The necklace you just know you put on your dresser, and now it's gone. To the Jewelry room. Sometimes I guess they are not happy and return, other times you really don't see them again.

It would be interesting to find this dimension, think of all the treasures you would find there?

I actually think the entry way is through the dryer but there might be others!

In the meantime, I will wait for my keys to return. Then I will finally have a second set.

I am sure they are going to show up somewhere in plain sight wherever Tasha "dropped" them.
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