Thursday, November 20, 2008

Anybody seen my blog?

I bet you thought I had not blogged for a few days. Nope. the other day I spent all day blogging. I wrote a blog on snow and carefully saved it , then added to it all day. I spell checked it. Grammar checked it and then posted it. Somewhere.
Because where it went, I will never know, perhaps it posted on Angel 1555555556789's blog in Remington Ohio, or Angel 123456789's blog in Alfa, New Ghana. Wherever it went, it didn't post here.
Thinking it was lost I waited three days for it to find it's way home. I searched for it, called it by name and asked other blogs if they had seen it. No Blog had.
It's scary to think of it hanging out in Cyberspace, lost ,lonely, looking for a home. Calling out to me in the night.
Oh, the whole thing is just to heartbreaking.
The thing is I don't know how I lost it. I thought the days of disappearing posts went out with Windows 2005. Did Bill let us down again?
Well should you see a lost and lonely blog out there. Somewhere. Just hanging out... hand it some keystrokes and send it home?
Maybe by the time I find it, it will be cold again and I can post it. Or maybe it will just be nice to see a old friend slip back into my blogger and sit in my draft page looking guilty. For as we all know it could be out partying with other blogs. Or it could have been caught driving under the influence of Windows 95.
At any rate I'd just like to see I come home.
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