Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thanksgiving, flu and traveling

I woke up Monday with the biggest headache in the world. I took some pills hoping it would go away, but a few hours later I was sporting a sore throat, then chills. It felt like 0 degrees when everyone else was running around in tee shirts. I gave up and came home for work, fell into bed and didn't move until the next afternoon when my daughter took me to the doctor. Flu with a sighting of strep was the diagnose. The doctor, my first visit since leaving Virginia, briskly wrote me out of work. for three days. Now the thing is, if I don't work the day before the holiday and the day after, I don't get paid for the holiday. I thought about that for three seconds, took my antibiotic and crashed.
Today after two days on the antibiotic, I feel better so may I will go in tomorrow but since my daughter has to work, and I have to work the question comes up Who's cooking thanksgiving dinner?
We haven't even shopped for it and somewhere there is a frozen turkey waiting to be dumped in cold water overnight because I forget to thaw it as I usually do every year but this year I even forgot to buy it.
Thanksgiving is a low key holiday. People ski9p over i t and jump to Christmas. They stop for a minute and buy dinner, but most of the people who come into Wal -mart shopping are actually Thanksgiving shopping on the side. People are waiting for the big sale on Friday.
Why do we put such little emphasis on giving thanks? I personally have much thanks to give. I have my kids and my granddaughter. I have the fact that I can start over, once again. I am reasonably healthy. So I am pausing to give thanks. I usually rush out and buy the tree and Christmas presents, but this day I may just reflect a little.
A friend who does blogging (actually she is my daughters friend from childhood but she has grown into such a lovely young lady and I am so proud of her, she is just my friend now. Deni will have to share her. ) any way she actually got me into blogging: did a blog on traveling alone.
I have been planning for years a trip up the coast, to visit lighthouses. I love lighthouses, the history. I have always wondered if I was brave enough to take this trip alone. I may actually do it. This is one of the things I will be reflecting on. and planning, and thanking God I can still do both.
Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.
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