Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Dear Santa

Dear Santa:

Just how do you deliver your millions of packages in one night? This has been a question I have been pondering since I was five, no one has yet to give me a satisfactory answer.

See, I have been shopping or thinking about shopping for a year now, since last Christmas, and I have to tell you I still haven't brought a single present.; much less thought how I am going to deliver them.

The Post Office, the pride of America, tells me I might get a present on time to Virginia if I mail It by the 20, since I haven't brought the present and have no idea what to get the person, I suggested they might talk to Santa and see if he could intervene for me and pick it up in his sleigh on Christmas eve and deliver it for me.

they, the post office now, said they didn't have a way of connecting with you. I find that surprising since even federal express delivers to the outback in the middle of winter in 24 hours, . I k now they do, I saw it in one of their commercials.

So Santa if you will please, drop by my house and deliver my packages then pick up a few for me on your way?

Thank you very much
A Santa Believer
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