Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's begining to look a lot like Christmas

I took my daughter to the mall today to do some shopping for a special date she has tonight. The mall on any Saturday is crowded, but today it was packed. Christmas is on it ways.
Santa was in his chair, handing out candy canes to already hyper children, elves were busily taking pictures for parents. Kids fervently whispered their lists to Santa.
Christmas is Coming.
Tasha was cranky, so I put a $1.50 in a train and let her ride for 1 minute around in a circle. She thought it was great, I got dizzy.
Denise found a pair of boots for $30.00 at, and was very excited.
And me, well I finally got the Christmas spirit for a minute.
When you work in retail, it is hard to maintain the spirit because you are inundated so early with Christmas decorations, and setting up for the holiday it gets old fast.
But, it is a different thing when you are on the other side. I enjoy the decorations, the children's excitement shopping for my friends and family.
I started fairly early with my shopping, putting a little away during the sales in January. I petered out by January 15, and am sitting here the first of December with two people on my list taken care of. Oh well, the best intentions of mice and men. And actually that may be a good thing,
I have found in the past when I start early, some peoples likes and dislikes change, so I end up with a gift that I inherited that I don't really care for.
For instance, one year my sister was big into collecting vases. In January I brought her a vase on sale, from Pier One that was unique enough I was sure she wouldn't have another like it by next year. As a matter of fact, for good measure I brought her a different one at the same time for her birthday.
On her birthday, I proudly handed her the first vase, wrapped nicely and just brought in January and was told, she had run out of steam on vases. She was now collecting elephants. Her Birthday, by the way, is in February. Deflated, I brought out the other vase. It looked nice on my mantle until I sold it at a yard sale before moving to Florida.
Did I buy her an elephant? no, and good thing to because the next Christmas it was hats.
So,my sister is not a buy ahead person.
On the other hand, giving magazines is a great idea for her so for the last two years, I have sent her Readers Digest. It works well. She doesn't collect it, and it always has good reading in it.
So I am sitting her, with my list of people about to rack my brain for what to buy whom. But that is the fun part of Christmas, because I love to give a gift. Just like the one given the first Christmas.
Now, (picking up my pen) lets see.........what shall I get for.....
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