Friday, December 5, 2008

Of Squirrels, Oranges and joy in life

I have a special creature in my house, one whom is pretty special. She looks at life from quite a different perspective then I do. she thinks looking out the window is fun, Dora the explorer is the best thing since sliced bread, all squirrels are cute. She gets excited about Christmas lights, Barney, and helping her Nanny do Laundry.
If she could play in the back yard all day, she would but going to the park is nice to. She is shy around people, until they leave then she is quick to say "Bye Bye" and then start talking. She loves the library, Wal Mart, and Pancakes. She is the one person who makes my heart skip a beat theses days and the reason starting over is so important.
She can be quite impish as well. She will tell me to"watch TV" which is a code for "don't watch me" meaning she is into something she knows better. So today she said.
"Nanny, go to sleep." With the guilty look on her face, I knew we were in for a biggie.
I told her i didn't want to sleep just yet.
"Nanny, lie down!" I was told., Which I did for a minute, then when she thought she was safe, I sneaked out into the kitchen where I found my little darlin' valiantly trying to peel an orange. She had gripped it in her teeth while trying to figure out just how we made the peel go away.

Hm mm.

I need food," she stated flatly to me, trying to hide the orange.

You can't argue with a 2.9 year old. So I peeled the orange for her. It could have been worse. She could have found her mothers stash of oatmeal cookies and had a cookie feast.
She is very self reliant. After the orange, she was taking no chances. She brought me her "cuppy" and her Apple juice to make sure I didn't slip again.
The she informed me she was going to take a little rest, and was out like a light for the next two hours.
When my world gets cluttered, and i start to not appreciate little things, like a orange or going to Wal-Mart. A couple of minutes with my granddaughter will usually put things in perspective.

She reminds me just how insignificant some things are. The squirrels drive me nuts, have you noticed how many there are?
Tasha scolds them for sitting on her porch or running on the roof of "her" house. Then she talks to them like they are old friends. After all, squirrels have feelings to.
I am going to spend the day tomorrow, trying to see things through the eyes of a two year old. I want to take joy in looking out the window. I want an orange to be so important to me, I trick my Nanny into getting it. Mostly I want joy in just living, without the worry. See, She knows she is loved. Her Nanny will forgiver her anything. And there is always unconditional forgiveness, even in stealing an orange.
Oh just to get back to enjoying and Orange without worrying about how much it costs. To look out the window and not wonder or worry about anything. Just to be for a minute.
Wouldn't that be a wonderful thing?
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