Saturday, December 27, 2008

It was the day after Christmas

As you can see "Santa" with help of two sets of grandparents and her mom and uncle: helped Tasha to make out quite well this Christmas. Capitalism reigns on!
It was a busy day, because her mom
 worked on Christmas day, Santa was delayed to our house. He showed up around 2 in the afternoon right after mom got off work. While we were picking mom up, he arrived left his magic(with a little help from Uncle Eric) and rode off into the sunset or sunrise?. Of course a 2.10 year old doesn't care when he arrives just so he does. She was thrilled at her first "real" encounter with the Big man and spent all afternoon going from toy to toy. 
I was fairly amazed by the fact that unlike most almost three year old, she didn't just flit from toy to toy, but stayed and played with each toy for a while before moving on to the next one. Again she showed quite a bit of maturity. she got a new  kitchen; being she is quite domestic and played with that on the longest
The infamous tree, our Charley Brown Christmas tree, as you remember, had a slight accident and landed on it's back a few days ago.

it recovered somewhat, and at least stood bravely on its own trunk for the day. We put it out of its misery today, and it is basking in the South Carolina sun in the backyard. Next week it will be off to be recycled. Pitiful little thing, isn't it?
So today we spent the day recovering. Resting up, all except Deni who found herself once again working. But her day is coming.She will be off Monday and she can collapse as well. 
Christmas is a time of joy and giving. The look on the face of a child makes it worthwhile. I had
forgotten that look, in the years of turmoil. it was great to see it again. 
We all joined a gym for different reasons. My daughter is on her quest for health and diet, My son is into Yoga and working out to increase his energy. i am into just starting to get me together. I am going back into Pilate's, and working out to gain more upper body strength. I am looking for peace. Pilate's is a joint venture between body and mind. It causes you to be more away of your self and your health. I guess the phrase is "In tune" So we are all involved in the gym.
And we are all getting ready for 2009. 
But some of us have had a very hard two days. We just couldn't make it to our beds. We don't have the energy to make a New Years resolution. Too many toys, to much life to experience, so we sleep where we lay.

After all tomorrow is another day, more castles to conquered, More toys to discover, more life to live.
Speaking of toys, I got a new MP3 player which is great, I know it is because my son tells me so. He has told me all the wonderful things it will do. he has done the. Tnight after he goes to sleep, I am sneaking up on him and reclaiming my MP3 player. My daughter also got a camera, which is the reason we have pictures.  So christmas has been grand, we are moving into the 20th century. After months of cooking with one sauce pan, (with a hole in it if you put to much water init) one Dutch over and a stock pot, my son purchased for the house a set of pans. We could cook Christmas dinner.  Yes! so Christmas is over, until next year. 364 days to get ready again. We will need every one of them. 

I hope your Christmas was as nice as ours.
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