Friday, January 16, 2009

A future Blogger..a new world

This morning I got up and made pancakes, but Miss Tasha wanted cereal instead. I gave her cereal, but the wrong kind. We finally got straight with the breakfast (Nanny won We have some choices but not always for willful little girls..) She definitely has a mind of her own. 
Natasha likes to do whatever it is the grownups do, today she is sitting at her computer typing her blog. I am sitting at my computer behind her. We are a pair. 
It is so important that we be good role models for our little ones. I hope someday, Tasha does have a blog of her own. by the time she is old enough though, typing blogs will be passe', she will probably talk to her computer and it will type it for her. I wish I could do that some days. 
Any rate she is at her computer and Nanny is at hers and all is right with the world. Our future is in the midst of change right now. The choices the new president has to make are much bigger then what to have for breakfast. The choices our little ones will face will be more devastating then the ones we did.
I remember my grandmother being worried about Nuclear war. Do any of you remember the stop and drop drills? I was in kindergarten, but I remember the commercials, the public system warnings. The dire predictions. I was in California then, and on every street corner was a soothsayer "Tomorrow is the end of the world" they'd crow. Well, I am still here.  Nuclear war is not the big worry these days. It is far more sinister. Terrorism. You can't send your kids to school, you can't send a love one to work and know they will be home safe. Columbine and 9/11 took care of that. Someone ask me once:
What do you call a country that you have to carry gas masks with you, you never know if a loved one will return, from the store or a walk, you always live in fear from day to day?"
I said quietly "Israel"
Israel has lived under the threat of its neighbors for the entire 50 years it has been in existence.
Life is a daily struggle, things that are not big enough to hit the news happen every day. I hear people criticize Israel for the bombing of Gaza, but no one mentions the Palestinian have been terrorizing Israel for months.
The attacks are horrible, yes. But how does one protect itself? And how do we?
Israels enemy's are foreign some of ours are, a lot of ours aren't. Oklahoma city comes to mind, school shootings where a classmate you teased may be the next terrorist. because those are attacks of terrorism as well. 
So, our youngsters have to grow up sooner. They have to afraid sooner. 
The decisions our new government has to make are scarier. they have the world front and the our own territory to worry about. The financial situation, will our kids own a home? Will their be jobs? January 20, the man who will make these decisions is going to be sworn into office. I have heard a lot about his choice of a dog for his girls, I have heard much about the first grandmother and what everyone will be wearing. What I need to hear is that this country is going to be safe for my family. That there will be jobs, not a bailout but real jobs so they can continue to feed their families. I want Natasha to go to school and come home.
So much depends on the next 4 years. and  I pray the new government of change is up to it. 
the life of my kids and the future of my granddaughter depends on it. 
So Mr. Obama I am praying for you. I pray you know the enormous job you have ahead of you. I pray you protect not just your Little one but all our little ones and our military please bring them home with honor. Those of us who remember do not want another reception like the guys got from Vietnam, please support them. On your day remember the country that has many hurting starving and out of work. and good luck to you, sir. our prayers are with you.

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