Friday, February 6, 2009

Cast of Characters

 I was cleaning up the backroom, and fussing at my messy people when I came upon a jacket that had been sitting there for at least a month. I had left it there for the owner to claim, putting it in lost and found is like condemning it to a black hole. With so many items they may never find it.
But I was angry, so  I picked it up with the sole intention taking it to the front, but it felt heavy. Something was in the pocket. I reached in and found...........Now don't laugh to hard......My cell phone. 
My daughter had lent me her jacket a while back, and I had it in my head it was red and a different style. Since I had been fussing the whole time, I turned around hoping no one was behind me and came face to face with my friend and co worker Sabrina. 
I sheepishly told her the jacket was my daughter's, and hard as she tried not to break out laughing at her boss, she couldn't help it. 
Then she told me I was definitely one of the Characters of her life. She walked away still laughing, trying to walk straight, to my satisfaction, trying to make it to the restroom while laughing so hard. 
You have to take your revenge where you find it. 
Sabrina moved down here to be closer to her online boyfriend who lives in Ashville, NC. She is from Missouri so Charleston is a very different envoirment for her.
We had talked about people in our lives, she believes souls travel in groups and every one you meet today you met in a past life. 
I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do believe there is a path that we follow and everyone we meet is supposed to be in our lives if for a second or a moment or years. 
I believe God directs that path solely. 
but when I look back I see what I call the cast of characters who have impacted my life for a minute and moved on. Much like a fiction book. I am going down a path and in a second I am headed down another one solely by the chance meeting of someone. 
My fourth grade teacher was one of my Characters, I hated school, I didn't want to be their, Ididn't like to study and my home life was less then perfect. My grandmother after working hard didn't have the time to help me with anything, so I gave up. Mrs. Mitchel helped me pass fourth grade by making me stay after school and tutoring me. I still don't have a grasp for math, especially the new mat but I can wiggle my way through life with a pencil and paper in my hand. 
My Dad chased wine women and song. He was a "preacher" but one out for the green. He would whiz in and out of my life always with a new women, Always broke. A character in your life can teach you how not to live as well. 
My 9Th grade English/history teacher who gave me a love and understanding for history. So much so I went to college to become a History and English teacher. 
My next door neighbor in California who lead me to Christ and became my closest friend for the last 25 years. She moved east first, I followed and we found ourselves to be neighbors again on the east coast. 
The lady who had five kids when I met her, they came over to my house every  Wednesday, the kids played we made dinner together until her laugh shattered she taught me strength, love and unconditional loyalty.
Her daughter who got me into Blogging
the friend from church who remains again a very close friend, who dropped everything and came to the hospital to sit with me when my daughter died. stayed by my side handled the funeral arrangements then helped me write thank you notes after.
She taught me unconditional love of a friend,
Then there are present and future characters in my cast of players. The wonderful lady who's blog I starting following simply because it was exactly what I wanted my blog to be
I still read her first. I still learn things. For instance how to share humor, how to encompass humor and seriousness together. How to share your heart. So a new Internet friend becomes a character in my life. I am sure for a moment she thought I was stalking her, I showed up on Twitter and other places. She taught me where those places were, now I am addicted. Thanks Barb. :)
 Then there is the Assistant manager in Florida, the manager here who is understanding, and helpful  stopped me from walking out. Sabrina. New friends new people all the time. 
Peoples jobs are to impact other peoples lives. I think we are here to make a difference.
To be examples, You never know when you are called upon to be in someones Cast of Characters, and make a difference. 
That's a sobering thought.
And yes, Sabrina made it to the restroom, but it wasn't and easy trip for her. :)

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