Tuesday, February 10, 2009

OOPS, What did we forget?

It has been sunny in Charleston for the last few days. Sunny with temps in the 70's. You could easily get fooled into thinking it was April not February. I think we did just that.  Well  I did.
Tasha, got to play in her back yard for a couple of days. She is happy.
Watching her grow into a three year old has been astounding. One day she was two, a little baby fat, baby features: then it seemed I looked up and she was a little girl with little girl features. 
I remember her mother did the same thing to me, went from baby to little girl in one step. 
Tasha's planning her birthday party. She told me today, she wanted candles, birthday cake and chocolate ice cream. 
She very seriously gave me the instructions for her birthday, for good measure she repeated it several times during the day. 
Then she let it drop, safe and secure in the knowledge Nanny and mommy were going to take care of things. 
So we shall.
It is nice to be young and be secure isn't it?Some days I would love to be 3 again, Today is one of them.
I was on the computer earlier when everything went black. 
Now Denise and I have for the last few day been trying to remember what bill we didn't pay this month. We knew we forgot something....it nagged us.
We usually sit down and figure who owes what, put it together mark on the bill paying book when it's due she takes care of some I do others. 
But with my broken rib, her training for Manager, Tasha being ill with a cold we blew it. The last six weeks have been hectic. 
So I was on the puter, she was behind me and everything went dark and quiet. Power failure?
Then we heard a truck in our driveway, pulling out. SCE&G. South Carolina Electric and Power. 
No, That couldn't be what we forgot, could  it?
Well, yes it could. And so it was.
I called to see how much we needed, got the amount then we accessed how much we had in the emergency fund. 
We had $100.00 cash (so we are poor, we have a Small emergency fund, this blog is called starting over, remember?)
Plus this morning we found out we had 53.00 on the debit card we didn't know we had...so we were  only 25 dollars short. 
My daughter has picked up many habits from me, but the best one is saving change, we both do it. So at any given time you will find change in any drawer, jar,dish, bottle, in this house. Not to mention in the car. I, as a rule, will drop change in the door handle and the ashtray as neither of us smoke.
So we started gathering change up. 
Now it behooves me to mention, they came at 3:30 in the afternoon and we had until 5.
so we are, (picture this) madly dumping change on the kitchen counter, going from room to room . Emptying purses, coat pockets, baskets and jars cans, bottles . 
She starts counting and we are still  dollars short. Off again
On to the car, where we find the three dollars in pennies dimes and quarters in varies places.
We got it!
So on to food lion to put the change in the little machine that changes it to quarters, but do they have one? They don't carry it, we have to go to another store up the road.
where is it?
Over the hump. Just a piece.
OK. So over the hump we shall go. For those of you who live in the north, a hump is a hill in the road. South Carolina Lingo.
We got to where the store was supposed to be, at st rt 61 @ Bees ferry road (yes that is a road)
and no store. No store? Not a store in sight. 
What to do. We turned right because Wal mart was left and since I work there I knew it wasn't that way and went down, down, down looking for the store which was 3 miles away. 
Lets see, 3 miles from the food lion, and 3.5 miles up Bees Ferry Road equals up the road over the hump in South Carolina Lingo. 
Much like around the bend a piece in Virginia. 
Some days I really miss California. the language anyway.
We did get their headed for Interstate 526..(9 miles up the road) and the SCE&G plant.
Made it with 20 minutes to spare. 
Went inside. Stood in line. waited. Waited. made it. Phew!
Wait. The office doesn't take debit cards.
You don't?
Nope. got to take the money off.
there's a store up the road with a ATM 
Up the road a piece?
You close at 5?
I'm not going to make it.
Well we tried. Up the road a piece for this one was 1 mile, but the ATM wouldn't take our card.
3.00 fee.
Called SCE&G to see if we have an extension because of the problem.
What can I do?
Well you could pay by phone and call us with the authorization number you have until 6.
any reason the clerk didn't tell me?
OK, Well that is to easy. Must be a catch, but we tried it. 
Wait, we left the bill and the phone number at home. Back we go got the bill and the number went to a pay phone because home phones don't work without power and cell phone is beeping...
Pay phones still do exist, thank heavens. We called did the press one for...routine
and paid the bill...
Came home and collapsed. Power was restored happily at 8:10 pm
Played with Tasha who, in the meantime, has been as good as gold all night. Who told us...Again
Not to forget her birthday, she wants cake and chocolate ice cream with candles. 
Now she looks a little worried.
Does she understand more then we think?
We won't forget your Birthday Darlin and I promise you the electric bill is top of my list next month. 
You know, they really do turn you off.
 Turns out by the way, they called us and left a message on voice mail, which we never check becasue of Cell phones. Note to self. CHECK VOICE MAIL.
But Yes, I still love Charleston, Now where is that phone bill???


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