Saturday, February 14, 2009

Brave New World

I was going through old blog post, and came across this one. Perfect for Valentines day. So I'm reposting it. The date was February 14, 2009.

Tasha has a new love. Where most of us at age three only cared about our backyards, Tasha has
 decided she wants to see the world.
I was thinking the other day about children's imaginations. Where do they go? At what age do we face the ultimate reality and no longer believe we can do whatever it is we want to do?
We even look at our children and are cynical. What fun dreams they have, they'll never happen. But dream on.Why won't it happen? 
I am sure President Obama mother laughed when he told her he was going to be president. When he was three, possibility of his even being president of his class was not possible much less the USA. But he followed his dream and he won. 
What was your dream as a child? Being it is Valentines day, remember our knight in shining armor? He was going to sweep you off your feet and live happily ever after. What happened to Happily ever after. 
We told our kids they could be whatever they wanted to be. And in our hearts we said, just find Good job I'll be happy. So they did. Now they are telling a new generation of kids what? 
You CAN be whatever you want to be, our kids can and so can we. 

I read about a 85 year old women who went to high school and college. I though How silly, why at 85...she finished her dream. And , in the end, isn't that all that counts.  Someone at work asked me what I was doing for Valentines day. They all know (for some reason) that I have been doing the online thing. He wanted to know if I had found any prospects. I airily waved my hand and said. 
"Naw, I don't believe in happy endings" 
I caught myself, and wondered why don't I believe in happy endings? I just stopped at some point in my life and decided that I was not going to. I was going to protect myself from everyone and live in my cocoon. 
But what is life without dreams? What is tomorrow without hope of a better day?
What is tonight if not a promise of tomorrow? 
As a child of God I am supposed to look to Him for my tomorrow's for the fulfillment of  my dreams, but if I don't believe how can He work?
When I was a child I wanted to be the first women pilot. I loved aircraft carriers. I still do. I wanted to be in the Navy, other family members were why couldn't I?
My grandmother and mother laughed at me. 
My dad told me I was silly. Only men can be pilots women cooked in the navy, that's all. The first women  pilot became a pilot around the time I had my first child.  And yes, I believe I could have done it. 
So tonight's is a night of dreams. Dreams of love. Maybe you are not with your dream man, but you could be. because who's to say the one you are with is not?
What are you looking for? any way,  you know what? He is  your dream  tonight. 
And if you are alone, you are your own valentine. Who is more special then you are to spend the night with. 
I hope you are going to theThe Girls Night Out  just to have fun with the girls.
Whatever you do, remember dreams are what you make it. Remember what you dreamt at 12? Dream it tonight. It's not to late.
Signing off now, leaving a view of Natasha's Big Ride As she rides into the sunset on her bike. She is going to Walmart, and Target to do some shopping. She has dreams for today.  
she is headed into a Brave new world. So are you, and so am I.
nanny is going to work on her dreams for tomorrow. I hope you have a:
Happy Valentines day. 

Easy Riders
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