Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Oh my goodness, Tasha is Three!!!

Tuesdays are a good day. For one thing, I am off on Tuesdays.  it's not the middle of the week or the end, so it is a  day sandwiched in between Monday and Wednesday. I am off on Tuesdays. 
This Tuesday is Tasha's birthday. She is three. 
Her mother has planned her party for Saturday, and it will be a grand party with cupcakes, ice cream and the like. Plus presents, lots of presents.
I look at this three year old and I am struck by the fact a few weeks ago she was a baby and now is a little girl. 
She was sitting at the computer the other day and told me she needed to check her email. 
I smiled.  Some days she is so precocious, I would be surprised if she really did have email.
Her mother was different at that age. Much quieter.  She had a two year old sister whom she adored, they became inseparable from the point they laid eyes on each other, with Sharon being the leader and Denise the follower. Denise read, sat at my feet and played quietly. Never got into anything. It was a good thing she was not first, she would have lulled me into a false sense of security about toddlers. 
Sharon had the stronger personality, brought on by having to fight harder to live, both were born with congenital heart defects Sharon's was the worse of the two. Though we tried not to limit her or treat her different, she limited herself. She knew her body couldn't do what others did.
So Sharon demanded, Denise complied. Eric and Sharon fought, Denise was the peacemaker.
any reason she suffers from middle child syndrome? Struck between two strong personalities.
We adopted Eric when he was 6 weeks old, new to the world and already screaming mad. 
After a few weeks he was calm, serene and happy.
At age three he was a explorer. He explored, discovered new things, wanted to try experiments, and had an adventurous spirit. Questioning. Why do things work?
Three children. three different personalities, three different ways to be three. and now Tasha has shown us the fourth. 3 years old going on 40. Wise, self sufficient, motivated.
she is a little old lady. She cleans. (pretend) She talks to friends on the phone, Has a picky appetites. And she is very self reliant. If she wants juice and I tell her to wait a minute, she goes to the refrigerator and brings me the juice. She HAS to watch Barney. No if ands or buts. She simply has to. "Don't you see Nanny?"
I do
Happy Birthday Tasha. 

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