Sunday, March 8, 2009

And the time is.....

Did you remember to turn your clocks forward this morning? Or are you sitting there thinking you have an hour before you have to get to church? I am sorry to tell you, Church is half over, so just have another cup of coffee and plan on going tonight. 
Or are you one of the millions of people who thought your cell phone was going to update automatically? You woke up this morning and it wasn't, right? Because, you have to turn it off and turn it back on remember? you were supposed to do that at two am. What where you doing at two am? Well, Me, I was sleeping because I was off Saturday. The last thing on my mind is turning my cell phone off. My daughters either because she forgot to, and her cell phone said it was 4:30am when she woke up and it was 5:30am. She had to be to school at 6, she did an amazing job of getting out of here by   5:46. It would have been a perfect morning except the person she as giving a ride to, didn't turn his phone off either.  
A friend of mine whose blog I heartily recommend, Keep up with me  did something last week I really liked. 
It was a love/hate list. things I love and things I hate. I don't have to many strong likes or dislikes. Well that's not true I am very opinionated, well not very  well yes I am. Oh well on to it.

Love: My online friend Barbs' sense of humor and blog. Barb was one of the first people who read and commented on my blog, which sent me flying to hers and I was dutifully impressed
so  she was the first person I followed. She kept me cracking up, and I learned a whole bunch about blogging from her another blog I highly recommend. 
Hate: Social Media people who follow me on Twitter just to advertise their products. I joined Twitter to make friends, and stalk Barb :)  not to have some twitter on me..I have a giveaways on my blog..or go to my blog and learn about social media and how it can make you rich. 
I'd like to be rich, but don't use me to advertise so you can get rich. 
Love: My kids, my son is soooo smart. and he continually tries to improve himself. Not that he doesn't have faults, he does. But His knowledge of so many things suitably impresses me. He is now in the process of trying to start his own Internet business, and become a mogul.
Hate: people who know everything, been there done that if I've done it they've done it better. Thanks for making me feel insecure. OH, you felt that way to. Deal.
Love: Charleston, I love this this town I really do. It is full of history, beauty, and class.
Most importantly it has water and beaches everywhere. 
Hate: The fact that so many people in the world are hungry, I would love to do away with hunger, strife and kids who have nothing, I would like to make a difference. 
Love: Life. Even though I am a manic depressant, I love life and my granddaughter, and all the little twists and turns, (and I have many) it sends my way. 

That's enough for now, I  was thinking of  making this a feature. Someone reminded me I have no regular features for my followers to look forward to. So I might if people enjoy this, please share your loves and hates I would love to know....
My Biggest love I didn't mention is God, He is number one in my life. 
BTW, In case you are wondering why my daughter is not mentioned, it is not because I forgot her. She is awesome. But I am mad at her. her Birthday is Wednesday, she will be 27. That means she was born 27 years ago, do you know how old that makes me? well, I am not telling but I HATE that 

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