Friday, March 6, 2009

Friday Ramblings

This weekend is the Charleston Food and Wine festival in downtown Charleston. Denise has to work, but I hope to catch the evening program and food, food,Food. Since we will have Tasha we will skip the Wine, though THAT I  would love to attend. I like events like this, especially here
because Charleston adds an  elegance to these things that says, Hey you are in Charleston a City of Class. 
Of course I have a human side. Bobby flay will be giving a demonstration,He is one of my favorite chefs on Food Network (anyone NOT watch food network? even for a minute?) and They have a Iron Chef competition that I am looking forward to. I'd like to see if they really do these things in an hour. 
Charleston sense of history, makes a exciting background for the festival. The food will be distinctly Charleston, Shrimp and Grits, She crab soup all of old Charleston's favorites. Although people from all over will be there there, the natives will have a special, We are Charleston Savor Fa ire to the whole event. I am excited.
Tasha woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning and has been growling at me all day. 
Her Banana was to hot (????)  Her toast was to cold. She didn't want to watch any of hr favorite programs. I finally settled her down to read and she decided to dress up in her Pirates costume she wore for Halloween. Now she is happily playing pirate and ARRRR'ing the whole house. 
We all have bad days, some are worse then others when we just feel out of sorts, this was her I suppose. 
I had forgotten how diverse an age three is.  
Denise is going to get a dog, a "rat" dog she calls him. When Tasha was 18 months, they had a cat. Tasha loved that cat to death. Almost literally. She wanted to love on it so much, the cat needed a therapist. She would hit the ceiling running when Tasha came into the room. Tasha just squeezed to much, and she had a habit of carry it my it's neck. 
Luckily the Cat survived and so did Tasha. We bribed the cat with Tuna, and hid it in the bathroom. It was reasonably happy. After a few weeks of teaching and loving on it, she calmed down, Tasha calmed down each loved  the other. Then the cat died quietly of some disease. 
So, we didn't have a pet for a while. I finally broke down and brought a gold fish. Tasha loved to talk to the goldfish. She fed it. I kept the food high so she couldn't feed it too much.
Things were great until her mother decided to clean the water. She forgot you have to make sure the new water is the same temperature as the old water. The fish looked up in total surprise at the cold freezing water, and went to fish heaven. I am sure in pet heaven they are telling stories about pet survival rates in our house. So pet three is a Jack Russel Terrier. The pets in heaven are twittering again in fear.
I hear they are starting a petition.

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