Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Rambling Tuesday

I got the answer to my question yesterday about things changing in love, Bret Michaels was on Ellen and he clearly told the world that today the first thing he looked for was physical attraction. No matter how nice the girl was, after he got past the lust part he worked on friendship and other stuff.
Guessthe world has really changed.

My boss told me that although I was a good manager, I was not a good leader. I thought it was one in the same but apparently not. I thought about this a bit. Is there a difference between a manager and a leader? I always thought they were one in the same. How can I be a good manager but not a good leader. 
Well, after reading up on the subject, i have discovered that managers manage but Leaders lead. Does that make sense? 
So,I have decided to work on leadership skills. 
Leadership involves team building, and recognizing the strengths of the others in your group. 
Another lesson learned.

Tasha finally has a room of her own, my son was living with us for a minute but has moved on and Tasha moved out of her moms room into as she puts it "her own room".
We haven't gotten her to sleep there yet, only play. Deni set it up with butterflies, stars and 
 a sign that says, once upon a time there was a beautiful princess,  Which she thinks she is. I wonder who gave her that idea? Who, Me? Well what are Nannies for? Any way she likes to play in her room and invites me in  much like a princess in her palace. It is the first time she has had her own space. I never thought of that as important, but Is suppose it is a rite of passage for a three year old. Denise is going to buy her a bed next week, then the battle will begin I think: or maybe not. Denise usually wakes me up to let me know she is leaving. I come in around 2:30 or 3:30 and she goes to work at 5, 
(which explains if you ever wondered why you frequently find me on the computer at 3am)
anyway I listen for Tasha to wake up and call me into her room. She is not use to sleeping alone.
Since she has had her own room, however, she has told me to "stay in my room and sleep Nanny." So I have. Then 5 minutes later she will tearfully call, 'mom, come here!" (she also calls me mom)
So I know she is trying to be a big girl, just is not ready for the dark yet. 
I will miss the time she comes out and Says "nanny, stay in your room and sleep," and 5 minute later doesn't call.
They have to grow up, don't they?

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