Monday, March 2, 2009

What do you tell your kids about Love,

My daughter did a post a while back about Love at first sight and whether or not it existed. In this day of online dating, meeting in clubs etc how do you meet someone and fall in love at first sight?  I'm  wondering, is it love or is it infactuaction?
I know a lady who cannot be alone. the minute she breaks up with someone she is looking for someone else. she is 40 years old and divorced, you would start to wonder why she has not had anymore permanent relationships, why they are all so fleeting. She doesn't. she continues to fall in love. 
I don't understand, I always thought love was once and forever. I thought love was a special feeling for one person, whom you really wanted to be with, I thought that kind of devotion takes a minute or two. I can't see it coming around the corner every time I meet someone. There have to be some men out there I do not like. 
Well, I hate to tell you there are  a lot of men out three I do not like. I can usually tell by their pick-up lines. Come up to me and tell me how incredibility beautiful I am, ciao I know better, I don't like false complements. 
Come up to me and tell me you are separated from your wife..see me when you have papers..either from the AKC or the courts.
This one annoys me: I have been watching you and want you to have my Baby? really? What makes you so special I'd want to go through nine months of pain then labor? Think that one through. Now if you offered to carry it for me....
I find it hard with these lines to fall in love at first sight Denise asked me if I believed that there was one person for everyone. I actually do.  I believe we are afraid to wait. What if No one else comes along? and so we rush in. 
A friend of mine married a gentlemen a few weeks ago, I asked her if she loved him and was surprised by her answer, She told me she could live with him, he liked her kids and was nice. No Love? In the old days the father used to choose a mate for the daughters, my favorite movie in the whole world is fiddler on the roof most people who like the movie like it because it represents change and giving up tradition. but I love tradition. I think that we started giving p our traditions we lost everything dear and life became complicated. 
When Dad chose your mate, you were ashamed to leave him marriages lasted.
Now, before you are up in arms that I am advocating the old ways, I am. No I don't want my dad to choose my mate. 
But I want my daughter to be more careful this time when she chooses hers. 
She asked me how she could tell a nice guy. I told her by where she met him, if you meet a guy in a bar he drinks. He is probably not a alcoholic if you want a non drinker why are you looking there?
"Mom" Denise asks me " Do you believe in love at first site?" and my answer is yes I do. 
I have seen it, I have experienced it.
Love is indeed beautiful, and warm. It is not about lust. It is about respect.
There are three popular venues out there right not.  That everyone is talking  about The movie
"He's just not that into you." Which to me was tongue in cheek and I took it that way, but some women were really offended. The other is a book: The problem with Women is: Men Which is another excellent book on dealing with relationship problems and finally "the Break Up diet"
 And with all of this media telling us how to have a relationship, I wonder if we even know when we are in love. Do the books tell us?
The book of  Romans tells us there is  a perfect mate for all of us,one who will last for a lifetime.
Yes Denis, I believe in Love at first site, I believe it is lasting and is pure. I believe there is someone person for everyone. I just believe you have to listen to your mind as well as your heart, and listen first of all  to God. 
Or better yet, just go watch Fiddler on the Roof.

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