Thursday, February 26, 2009

Lights, Action,, Reality

My quiet afternoon was split wide open by sirens, and helicopters, At the same time, my sense of safety was shattered. 
It seems the Charleston county sheriffs department was doing a courtesy call for the North Charleston Police by serving a warrant.
The reciever was not really pleased about the whole thing, told the Officer so, then shot him in the ankle to make sure he understood his point. 
the officer understood and returned fire. Several Times. He is  in MUSC,I hope recovering. That part of the news is not released as yet. His partner, however decided this would be a good time to take a walk in the neighborhood, went poof! out the backdoor. Now me, not being of a criminal mind, Me I think this was incredibly not smart with dozens of police cars, ambulances, rescues squads streaming towards your house. But understand that is just me. 
Apparently the police thought so to, because hey took off after him and even called I the helicopter to search for him. His stroll was cut considerably short and he will spend this afternoon at least in a very different place. The neighborhood quieted down, but the police are
still at the house,probably searching and doing whatever else it is police do after such an incident. 
The officer will be fine. I don't know bout the perpetrator. 
But I hope he will be OK as well.
I am telling this in a kind of tongue and cheek writing but the fact is, as it was occurring We were quite nervous. I live in a very quiet neighborhood. Safe for kids, and all.
I was shocked and surprised something like this could happen so quickly. In MY neighborhood>
Yes, In my neighborhood. Why not? 
There are no safe neighborhoods anymore. Are you safe.
Does your child have detectors at his school?
What happened to nice quiet neighborhoods? they are gone forever. 
More so then ever before I realize how the world is invading our personal space. I always thought things like this only happen in "other" neighborhoods. ghettos, bad areas where drugs are sold on a regular basis.  
No such other neighborhood anymore. It might just be next door. 
I wasn't frightened for me, I kept thinking that to protect Tasha I would do this and that. Tasha quietly sat next to me and played with her computer while Nanny fretted. 
I calmed down finally, and prayed for all involved and for me and my family. 
We are so sheltered, this was in retrospect a minor incident in the realm of police business but to me it was a major awakening. 
It was a realization that my world was not safe. The Bible tells me to be of the world not in it. I have tried always to follow that. Now I pray for the Lord to make me aware of the goings on around me. For me to be aware that things do occur and mostly to pray for those where this is not an isolated incident but an everyday occurrence.  
I watch Tasha as she runs out to play in the yard now and I pray that the kids who cannot do this, be safe.
And you, be safe to.

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