Saturday, March 21, 2009

Being Mary, Not Martha

I have always wanted to be Mary. But unfortunately I have a Martha personality. I like to get things done, and done quickly. I try to be efficient, organized in most things. Remember Mary and Martha? Mary sat at Jesus' feet and worshiped Him. Martha was to busy with other things, Taking control of the situation to see Jesus.
I have decided it is harder to be Mary then Martha. It is hard to lay everything down at his feet and just worship, we always feel we must be doing something. At least I do.
Being in control is a human thing, we all like to think we are on top of things, but even when we are, we aren't.
We are told that God is in control,we say but do we do it. I don't.
I try to make my life the way I want it, all the time praying to God to do HIS will, while trying to do mine.
God is wonderful, when we do His will life is so in control and peaceful. the Storm passes. His Grace really is sufficient.  My granddaughter Tasha, is active happy and loves life. She so wants to do whatever her mommy and Nanny do. If she sees us working the DVD player, you know in 30 seconds there she is. She likes to sit at the computer and pretend to be typing. I asked her one day what she was doing at the computer, she looked at me matter of factly and said. "Checking my email, Nanny," as if I should have known.
Her one complaint in life is having to do what we tell her to do. At three, she is rebellious. She wants to be in control. It is a hard lesson for her to learn, that Mommy is in control of her life right now. A very hard lesson. She is an independent three year old.
We laugh at her being so headstrong, but we know that in order for her to be safe, we have to be sure she understands who is in control. Natasha has to learn to be Mary, not Martha. 
And so do we. We have to learn to be servers of God, not to take the control from Him. We have to learn to worship him, alone not always ask for our needs. 
We live in a Martha world. Always doing. But isn't Mary's world so much better? Spending time with Jesus alone and in quiet. Worshiping him according to His wishes. Loving him as He directs. 
And no matter what faith you are, this is a prerequisite in all faiths. To love God. 
So today, no matter what you do, do it for His glory, do it with the peace of knowing tht God is in control. really He is.

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