Thursday, April 9, 2009

A day in the life of a three year old

I think Sharon was the age of three when I decided not to have Any more children. It must have been then, because Natasha is now three and she is well, something else. 
This morning at 6:15 am she pops out of her 
bed into mine and is there about 3 seconds before she announces she wants food. 
I asked her what she wanted and she informed me she wanted Dip and chocolate. Hmm, well Mommy is not going to kill me today, no siree so I asked her to settle for waffles and sausage.
that was acceptable, so we go out to the kitchen where she proceed to pull her little chair over to the counter and help Nanny prepare breakfast. She did really well, popping the waffle in the toaster, then with a spoon she buttered her waffle, and i put the Nutrella on it. 
Perfect team we are, I had toast and she had waffles..well wait a minute, she decided she wanted a piece of my toast. OK. I put my dish in the dishwasher, she did the same. 
Now Nanny gets on the computer, and Tasha is going to watch a video. She  picks a video we got from Netflix, yesterday Potty Training Power, I am thinking this is not going to last long but Tasha watching it no less then 7 times befor
e coming into the kitchen to help me make spaghetti sauce and put it in the crock pot. 
So while I am busily chopping tomatoes, onions, mushrooms and garlic:Tasha is building a castle out of the cans of tomato sauce and tomato pas
She is anxious for me to open the cans because that's her part to pour them into the crock pot.
When I do open them, she very carefully pours reminding as I use the can opener not to hurt myself when I pull the lids out. 
Yes, OK, I cut myself on a lid once. Incred
ible memory this three year old.
After that we shared a yogurt, take a bath and get ready for rest time. At three we never call it  a nap anymore that doesn't goesover. "I'm a 
big girl Nanny, I don't take Naps!" Yes I put that in bold print with a capital N that is how vehement we were.
Shes down, resting in dreamland with a band new bunny that talks and sings and does all kinds of stuff. I am sure her mom willpull the plug very soon. :)
Three is a interesting age. I have a very
 grownup three yearold, and yet one who throws a tantum in a moment. (we don't reconize tantums). She can carry on a conversation like a 6 year old: Nanny, what happen to that man in the movie? Is he hurt,?"
then she can get into the baby stage This mor
ning: "But I don't want to be a big girl and go potty."
She still likes to sleep on her mom's lap and my big confession is yes, she still has her Bo Bo (pacifier) but her mom is worth it. 
She has an amazing personility this one. She soaks life up like a spong. 
She learned yesterday that all people are not He's, and she made sure I knew it this morning. 
"Nanny, I just want younot to be confused," I am amazed by the words that comeout of her. 
Her will is very strong, as she stands and looks at me with her hands on her hips, eyes flashing
"I do not want to go potty  Nanny!,"
Maybe it wasn't three maybe it was 4. Because it it such a versital age, so many changes taking place. So much learning about the world and looking into her future is exciting. I know there are many things exciting going to happen there.
Now if we can just get her potty trained.

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