Monday, April 20, 2009

Potty training wars part 2..Toddler:2 Adults:0

Denise is pulling her hair out. She is convinced she will be supplying diapers for Natasha when she is going off to college. I assured her that is not the case. Well I certainly hope not, but I think, the way things are going, maybe high school. She go when the captain of the football team refuses to go out with her..
It baffles me how a three year old, who without any help from the adults in her life can: post a message on my FB page, take out the old DVD and put in Barney, knows when to press play and can rewind it to her own favorite parts and  put it away when done, Can tell me letters on my keyboard, keeps telling me she needs to type her blog, was twittering last night and, the biggie, can put the potty chair in place on the seat sit on it for 45 minute while singing songs, reading books, and doing finger plays, get off and promptly goes potty within 3 minutes of getting down and in pull-ups or underwear.
What am I missing? i had considered leaving her on 24 hours but was waylaid by the thought of a visit from DSS...nasty people those DSS workers. No sense of humor at all. 
This is about our third month doing intensive potty training, we have offered dinner at Denny's, a new toy, Dora's talking backpack (a real sacrifice on my part, I hate any toy that talks, moves or otherwise has the potential to wake me up at three in the morning when Eric comes in from work and steps on it.) Toys should be silent.
The fact is, she won none of these because she didn't make it. 
She tells me, she doesn't want to be a big girl, she wants to be a baby. I tell her, she is a big girl even if she is not trained so she might as well go all the way, Still we can get her on first thing in the morning and be successful, but it goes downhill from their. Stalemate Our new blackmailing trick is a beautiful new princess dress from Walmart, hanging in the dining room door:one day with only two mistakes and she can wear it. We shall see.
Well, enough potty training woes, Please if any of you moms have the secret share, share,share.
because I  don't see diapers big enough for 6 year old, much less 16 year old. Any potty training stories? Share please!
and so the battle continues.... 
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