Saturday, April 18, 2009

of trees and fires, of children and accidents Random Saturday

Today is your typical Charleston day. It is not too hot,nor too cold. As a matter of fact it is perfect.
Tasha and I cut the grass this morning, we were awakened by a fire truck whizzing by  the house, the house around the corner was on fire. Pretty serious one as well. A man was brought out suffering from smoke inhalation, another man was brought out whose condition we couldn't tell. . Tasha and I prayed for both of them. The fire seemed to be in the back of the house , Eric told me.  He hopped on his magical moped and rushed right over, He got pictures, but since the fire I have learned the man died, so I won't post any pictures. The house was next door to a friend of Eric's.(this post as always was written over a couple of hours with me stopping to do something somewhere, some how for someone)
Its sad to think he was(the man who died) making breakfast for his family one minute then the next.....
Life is that way though:
Tasha helped me cut the yard this morning. She sat and talked on her phone while I pushed the lawnmower, prior she picked up sticks with me chattering all the way. have you ever met a three year old who doesn't chatter? She,at three wants to do everything. yesterday we made brownies, she broke the eggs, spread the brownies in the pan, ate the mix out of the bowl well, ate some and the rest was over her face, dress, hands, shoes, counter well you get the picture.
if you check my FB page you will see she keeps sending messages on FB for me as well.  
When her mom was three we were making cookies, and she dropped a glass measuring cup then proceeded to fall on it. As luck would have it, it cut her wrist, open right on the main vein. blood spurted, yes spurted all over the kitchen. Do you ever notice how we go into, some kind of emergency mode like robots? I still do not know how I did this, but I saw my child spurting blood, I had the presence of mind not to scream, or panic so the kids wouldn't, wrapped a towel around her arm to keep her from bleeding; then ran to a neighbor to take me to the hospital because I knew there wasn't time for an ambulance.
We got her to the hospital, she had 25 stitches and surgery to repair the vein. She has a large scar to this day to remind me to always use plastic measuring cups when baking with kids. A messageI am passing on to all mothers of toddlers.
And see how quickly life changes.

Eric and Deni went out delivering books yesterday, the went over to Johns island. Now Charleston itself is a series of islands, it is not just a city on the edge of the ocean. It is comprised of 5 islands, Mount Pleasant, Johns Island, James Island, Sullivan's island and of course Fort Sumter is on Sumter Island across the way. 
We haven't had time to explore all of the island as yet, but while they were on Johns island they ran into this huge tree (not literally ran) but met up with this tree.  They say you can tell how old a tree is by the rings in it's trunk. They didn't have all day to count but we are thinking it is probably as old as the settlers on the island or maybe was a baby when they came in 1525 to settle Johns Island. 
An awesome thing like this trees makes us remember just how small we are in the kingdom. if this tree could talk.....

 What would it say about our settlers? What secrets does it hold? imagine climbing this tree as I am sure many generations did.. Makes it  seem like Earth day should be more then once a year, doesn't it? Well thats it, you know how Saturday blogs are. 
 Everyone have a great weekend...

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