Thursday, April 16, 2009

Press 1 for English

I write for Faithwriters sometimes, and I was submitting an article yesterday. I had Eric proof it, because I generally think faster then I type, or vice versa I am not sure but I miss words and grammar and all kinds of things. 
This is really pitiful for a former English and History teacher, what can I say?
I had started a sentence with a conjunction and I was thinking according to the rules you can't do that, but sometimes it is okay to take poetic license.
Eric told me according to the new rules, you can start a sentence with not only a conjunction, but a preposition as well.
When did English change?
Natasha(my granddaughter), loves Dora. Diego, and I sometimes watch the programs with her. (I am really partial to Wonder Pets, ) but I try to be fair. I have watched them on the Spanish channels as well, and interestingly enough they don't incorporate English in the program as they do in the English speaking program. I think that is not fair to the Spanish kids who might need to learn English. That is an issue that baffles me.
I know that ain't is in the dictionary now. I want you to know I loudly protested it and Even wrote a letter to Webster, but didn't mail it. Ain't that a shame?
It was once a rule that English was a proud language. We had more rules then anyone.
You didn't end a sentence with a preposition, therefore Where you at? was disallowed.
not anymore.
A lot of words we consider slang are now a part of our dictionary, and it chances the language considerably.
I guess, we have become a more relaxed society. We don't feel the need to be quite so formal. 
Formal English is a thing of the past.
Grammer has changed, run on sentences are in style. And conjunctions are used to start sentences.
What is the world coming to. Before you know it, we will be using commas in place of periods, and  Y'all will be a proper form of the language. I guess it is already, I found it in the spell check.

See ya'll next time, you hear?

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