Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sometimes you hear the Bullet..

Yesterday was Maddie Sphors Funeral. I prayed for Maddies parents, I read her blog and her mom was very strong, but in shock I understood her words so completely. "It felt like you were talking about someone else". Yes it does. All the people who came to my house it didn't seem real.
Another baby  is in the hospital, Stellan . I read his moms twitters, as she is sitting in the NICU, I feel her emotion, I see the tenderness and I know the worry. I know she is praying, so many of us are. I go back to my days in the NICU with first Denise, then Sharon. I can close my eyes and see it as if it were yesterday.
The Nurses, I think are the kindest in the world in those units. They have to be.  I remember, laying my head down and going to sleep out of pure exhaustion, waking up with a blanket over me, thrown there by a concerned nurse. 
Those days and nights in the hospital were hard, because I had kids at home both times, and they wanted Mama too.
I wish I had had Twitter then, it is seems to me it would be nice to communicate with the world while sitting there watching our sweetheart or rocking your sweetheart.Give you some comfort to know people out there want to know and care about you and Stellan. What a Blessing! We do care and very much.

I have always Always been a M*A*S*H fan. Those guys were awesome. Great actors and the stories were wonderful. Episode 10, of the first year was entitled the same as this post "Sometimes you hear the Bullet"  The premise was, a journalist who was interviewing the troops said all the guys told him they never heard the bullet that hit them, But when he himself was shot, he actually heard the bullet. He said as his dying words "I guess, Sometimes you hear the bullet."
Sometimes you do. I think about these two babies and their families, and  pray .
How about you? things happened to us every day we are not expecting. Our lives are so normal in most ways then we are hit. The bullet can represent anything in your life. 
But remember this, bullets are not always fatal. The worse one is a changing point in your life.
Even if you hear it coming, prepare with prayer because He who guides the bullet, guides it's path and yours to.
God allows things to happen for us to be able to help others go through it. Sharon's homecoming prepared me to stand by so many parents in ICU's and NICU's and funeral homes, so they are not standing alone, they know I care and have been in their very shoes. We can't understand and He tells us we won't until we get to heaven then all of our answers will be clear. 
So, bless you handling your bullets today whether it be bills, money, hunger, a sick child, husband, or something  like having to fire someone, telling your child there is no money for Disneyland, a budget buster any of these things are  bullets in ours lives. 
We heard them coming, we couldn't stop it and here they are. 
God will guide you through, honest He will,
I promise you.

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