Tuesday, May 26, 2009

10 things you probably never wanted to know

I am in a pickle. I have run out of ideas to blog on, Natasha hasn't one anything cute in simply days.
I have spent the last couple of days trying to build a website with zero knowledge, that has been a challenge. 
I had thought I would do something special on my 100 post, but that was 21 posts ago so I am going to do it on my 121 post. 
Lists always seem to be entertaining and it is also a god way to get to know someone. 
So I am going to do "100 things about me and my family you don't know and probably don't care about but tough I am going to tell you anyway." I am only going to do ten at a time, I got the ideal from a blogging friend, well I consider hr a blogging friend, she might just consider me a nonsense  It's Carey from Life in the Carpool Lane, I'm giving her a shout out, though she doesn't need it,  if you haven't ever visited her blog, you should. No one is sure where they are going over there but it is a fun road to travel.
Anyway I have stolen a bunch of her ideas, which just goes to show you can't trust anyone at all these days:

1. I am an English and History Teacher. Yep, that right. I have a BA in English and I taught for a bunch of years. I have always had issues with caps, and run on sentences. My students didn't because I'd slap them with a "C" in a minute. 

2: Although I primarily listen to Christian Comtempory music, I have been know to jump in and sneak a listen to Soul, and Rock. CCR and The Eagles being my faves. The Beatles Rock, and yes 

I'm afraid I have been caught listening to the old music of Michael Jackson,like Thriller. 
3: Tasha is half Puerto Rican, and we teach her Spanish so she can be bi lingual. Guess who speaks Spanish. Right, none of us. Eric does a little so it is a task. 

4. I like Nascar.

5. I LOVE Baseball

6. I am starting my own business in Affliate Marking and freelance writing. Hard Row.

7. I'm a redhead, not natural but redhead just the same.

8. My son was adopted when he was 6 weeks old.

9. My two girls were only 10 months apart, I wasn't supposed to be able to have kids!

10 Denise was born with the same heart defect Sharon was, only she survived while Sharon didn't. Gods Plan. 

Bonus: I hate having my picture taken! I don't even have wedding pics.

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