Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Can Squirrels dance?.

Natasha loves squirrels, she chases and talks to them through the window, and  while sitting on the steps outside.  
Three year old are so inquisitive. Tasha isn't any different.  She has questions about everything. 
The following conversation took place this morning:
"Nanny! There are squirrels on the stairs!" trying to open the door (thankfully its still locked)
"What are you trying to do,?" asks Nanny a little distracted trying to unstop the sink.
"Let them in so I can play with them,"
Nanny is no longer distracted.
"Squirrels like outside, honey. You can watch them from the door."
"But I want them to come in and play with me,"
We really need to get her a pet. 
"Squirrels like outside, Tasha. He would be very scared in here."
Of course by now the topic of this conversation has flown the coop or er the stairs.so the conversation is now irrelevant but as in the makeup of all three year old it continues. 
"I would have made him feel safe, Nanny. He would have been happy in here."
And so, I continue and explain why squirrels and squirrels families prefer out side to inside.
I think she understands. But maybe not all, she has what I call her thoughtful Tasha look, it means she listened, it also means she will be back. 
I wonder if the little squirrel went home and asked his mother if he could play with the little girl?
"She could play in the  tree mom, I won't let her fall."

Kids are the same everywhere, are they the same in the animal kingdom to? 
It is funny the questions kids ask, things I never in the world would have thought of. It would be natural as anything for Tasha to want to play with the squirrel, she has no sense of danger, rabies, being bitten or anything we adults have learned to be wary of. 
It is sad that they have to learn that the world is not safe. I don't remember, growing up in California , ever being scared. But that was years ago. It was safe to play in my front yard and not worry about someone stealing me. It was safe for my grandmother to let me walk home and stay until she got off work. It was safe for me to walk everywhere and and talk to friends and strangers alike. I just never thought of it, nor did any of the grownups around me.
Of course we are talking about Palo Alto, California. Home of Stanford , Hewlett Packard and  the start of silicone Valley. Everyone I knew worked for either the university, HP/ IBM or the hospital (Stanford Medical Center) It indeed was a different world. 
 I hate it that kids can't be that free any more. 
Tasha did come back, after listening to Barney and dancing around the living room she asked me, 
"Nanny, can squirels dance? Do they watch Barney and tiny TV's?
Something to ponder. how do we know they don't? :)

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