Friday, May 1, 2009

Tag you're it...

It is late Friday night, but by the time you read this it will be Saturday morning. We have spent most of the day looking for a car and that process is totally tiring. Buying a house must be easier. 

I am stealing  an idea from a friend ,blogger Carey at Life in the Carpool lane  Carey did  a blog called Tag you're it  I have to cheat a little,  even though she admonished us not to: you are supposed to take a picture of yourself but my daughter broke the camera yesterday when she was touring a plantation. No, really she did.  So I am going to add the  picture later, honestly. 

And I know you who know me and know I haven't taken a picture voluntarily since birth are shaking their heads, but I am really going to buy a new camera after the car and do it I just hope I don't get censored because the pic is missing. I might have to hide out.  

The second thing I am doing is having my first  giveaway. 
I just started selling AVON, yet again and I am going to make up three baskets to give away of samples and full sized products. I have  not yet quite decided the rules,  but that will be coming in the following weeks. And if you think this is just to get followers you are wrong. It is to get readers and customers, so there.

 The third thing is I will be with moving or just redecorating my blog. I am talking to a couple of good blog designers who think Word press might be a better venue, I don't know I hate to move. It's like leaving Charleston, you know? 

So I have a few things happening in the upcoming weeks. 
The only thing I have noticed about life is it never stays the same as much as you would like it to.
Just when you think it is figured out, it changes. So Tag I'm It!

Here are the rules:
  • Take a picture of yourself right now
  • No primping or preening, just snap the picture
  • Load the picture on to your blog
  • Tag some people to play
  • And don't think I got away with anything because I expect Carey to give me a very stern scolding. 

8 things I am looking forward to:
  • 1. I have to agree with Carey on this one: Tasha being Potty trained before marriage.
  • 2. Going to the Blog-Her Conference in July.
  • 3. Finally getting that new car
  • 4. Going to Martha's Vineyard
  • 5. Being able to plant flowers in the back yard
  • 6. Getting this business off the ground so I don't have to work,
  • 7. Buying a new camera, and new computer
  • 8  Going shopping for a new wardrobe since I lost so much weight. It would be nice to have my jeans stay up. 

  •  8 Things I did yesterday:

  • 1. Cleaned the house totally even the walls 
  • 2. waxed the wood floors
  • 3. pretended to be a rock singer while cleaning the kitchen
  • 4. pretended to play the drums with David Meese (I was home alone had no sense)
  • 5. Did Salsa Dancing.
  • 6  Watched The Bucket List 
  •  7. ate leftover cookie dough from Easter cookies in the freezer.
  • 8. watched the car overheat yet again. 
  1. 8 things I wish I could do.
  • 1. Dance Dance Dance
  • 2. Sing sing sing
  • 3. Play tennis like I used to.
  • 4. Talk to my Sharon.
  • 5. Talk to my mom and Grandma  (both have passed on)
  • 6.  Learn to Fly (an airplane)
  • 7. Change a lot of things in my life :)
  • 8. Make Stromboli like Giada on Everyday Italian actually cook anything like Giada.

 8 Shows I watch

  • 1. Amazing Race! Love it!
  • 2. Barney, 
  • 3, Barney,
  • 4, Barney  (Seriously) Tasha loves it. 
  • 5. CSI Miami
  • 6. Max and Ruby
  • 7. Dora
  • 8 and of course Diego. 

I find if you have kids the TV is usually ruled by the younger set. Some days I really hope Diego doesn't rescue the animal and Baby Jaguar turns to Diegio and says lets take a break and go skiing, baby lion can fend for himself,  you know just for fun. I'm kidding don't call Noggin on me....

Okay so as Carey said, if you want an easy post this is it...I am tagging three people but everyone else feel free to steal from me, after  all I stole it  from Carey. Which just goes to show, you can't trust anyone these days. 


Off to buy the camera. Really.

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