Sunday, May 10, 2009

Today's Guest Blogger: Natasha Marie Diaz

Bil keane of Family circus comic strip sometimes has his older son Billy write his comic strip on Fathers day and other special days so I thought if He could so could I. So Today Tasha is writing my blog for me. 
Tasha is very computer literate for a three year old. Those of you who follow me on Face book, have seen her postings. What you don't know is, she actually gets on the computer finds the right link and goes to Face book to post (Her Blog) as she calls it. 
I am amazed she can find it,  but she does, alway
Children Amaze us, and since she wants so badly to write a blog, today she gets her chance, so Tasha is my guest Blogger.
po.,on nm,l';j' ;bholvglbkiv bkfkbihfghiiifgkbfkhkkhjghjghjjfbgfgjjgjgjbnnjfjgjjjhjgihgkgjgikiv
OK I don't know what it says, but it probably says, My Nanny is the best nanny in the whole world.

I asked Tasha to read me what she wrote and she said she just wrote my name, but I am sure she meant the other. :)

Happy Mothers Day, all  and may it be a very blessed day.

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