Wednesday, June 3, 2009

2nd installment of 10 things.....

Happy Wednesday

We are heading into a Charleston Summer, hot and because we are totally surrounded by water humid. Bugs love us here. Did I ever tell you about the alligator that lives in the pond at the park?
This is part two of the 100 things you never knew about me, the next 10.

1. I graduated from De Paul University in Chicago. I was also born in Chicago, I only lived there for a minute.

2. I can't Swim. Not one little bit. But my favorite place to be is the Beach. 

3. I love Classical music, and going to the Ballet. I took Ballet for years and wanted to b a dancer. I gave it up in College and decided to be a teacher instead.

4.  I am an Ice Cream Addict. I can eat Ice Cream all day long  and do. Strawberry Cheesecake, has to be Breyers I practically lived on it for a year when I was living alone. Ice cream and yogurt. 

5. I am 5'7" and used to weigh 260.00 pounds. I now weight 169.00. long time a lot of work. No ice cream :(

6. It is my lifelong dream to go to Israel. And I'm going. 

7. I read all the time. I forget to change the books on my blog, but I have read 9 sets of books since I posted that. I should update it.

8. I am a Amazing Race Fan. Big Time. Also used to like the Apprentice, but this time  it was boring. 

9. See me on the computer at 2 and 3 am? I am an insomniac, 

10. my favorite way to relax is to take a really hot bath, with a glass of champagne and Hersey Bar. I read it in a book, it works! no stress. So on really stressful days or night  I do it. you just chill the champagne, (or sparkling wine) until it is really cold and nibble on a couple of squares of chocolate. The combination of the two release something that relaxes y ou or maybe not. Maybe it is just a good combination of relaxer agents. Don't forget the book, or just mediate. 

Bonus: I think Chocolate is a Vegetable. Isn' it? Come on you think so too.  On any given night you will find me and a Wendy's Chocolate  frosty on the computer or reading a book.  Takes care of two cravings at once. 

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