Saturday, June 6, 2009

Little Girl and Tasha

Tasha has an imaginary friend. She has had her for about a year, but recently her little friend now has a mom who calls me all the time, and a sister. Her Name is Little Girl.
Little Girl is a very misbehaved young lady, and sometimes we have to send Little Girl home, but she always come right back.
Conversation Overheard between Little Girl and Natasha last night when they thought Nanny couldn't hear:

Little Girl: Bubble Bath! put more in the tub
Natasha : No that's not mine, its my moms
Little Girl: come on in the bath
Natasha: No, it's mommy's Mommy's at work.
Little girl I'm going to put some in.
Natasha: Nanny is here! No
Little Girl: Nanny, not your mom?
Natasha: Little Girl, I TOLD you my Mommy's at work. Nanny's here.
Little Girl: Oh. Nanny will make me go home she's mean. Lets play with the princesses

I guess Nanny already has a rep, and since Little girl sounds just like Natasha I don't know which one I have the rep with. I just know that that I have one. Is that good or bad?

A little while later I heard a minor crash in the bedroom, I was in my room Tasha in heir's and she came in bringing me her phone.

Nanny call Little Girls mom, it's time for her to go home.

"I thought she was spending the night"

"No", replied Tasha "She needs to go home."

So I called little girls mom and just like that (snapping fingers) she went home.
I forgot to ask Tasha, I always do, Where does little Girl live and has Tasha been to her house?

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