Monday, June 1, 2009

My not me Monday is late, but I had one of those mornings where, if it could go wrong it did. I didn't do a Not Me! post last week because of Memorial Day, so that give me two weeks of not doing anything and boy did I not.

Don't forget the giveaways...Got several wonderful interviews lined up, the first one Barb J. from Nice shoes and other observations. I don't know the day because I haven't told her yet, but she is still waiting for a guest blog from me..I think she understands me. Good thing.
Lets get on with it, shall we:

I did not fall off a chair when Tasha was hugging me.

I did not let Tasha play in her wading pool in her Easter dress. It was an accident, all I know is I heard water and there she was soaked and having a ball. I reprimanded her as soon as I caught her, anyway thats my story and I am sticking to it.

I did not walk out of walmart with a 24 pack of water not paid for. I loaded Tasha in the car, we both thought the other had told the clerk about it. When we got home it wasn't onthereciept. Do you think we went back and paid for it? lets see how well you know me, post your thoughts on the comment section pls.

I did not lose a DVD from Netflix. It has to be here somewhere.

I did not stay up until 1 am Iming on FB. I didn't and its all Barb's fault.

Have a wonderful Monday remember the giveaway..

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