Monday, June 8, 2009

Not Me! Monday

It is Monday yet again, what happened to friday or saturday? I don't know it lies buy..

here we go yet again:

I did not step on a hanger and go sliding across the floor into my bedroom door.

I did not sit on Eric's scooter with Tasha and pretend were motorcycle riders on a adventure. She was on one I was on the other. We went to see Dora.

I did not squirt Tasha with the hose outside then let her squirt me,

I did not play jeopardy on the computer for a hour when I was supposed to be working.

I did not forget to put any seasoning in the beans when I cooked them.
We tasted them they were horrible.

I did not finish the book I have been reading for three weeks, Finally! I usually read a book in a day! It was long but I got through it.

I did not lock myself out of my bathroom.

I did step in a hole while we were looking at a house.

I did not watch a movie 4 times in one day. I didn't and it was a great movie.
I did not let Tasha say in her Pj's all day

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