Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Guest Interview today! Denise Grover Swank

I promised a series of interviews and this is my first one.
Denise Swank Grover from Theres always Room for One More," proves to us that there is. Her house is full of children pets and love. Her attitude shows the love of God in her life. She has taught me a lot, and I know you will be pleased to met this very spacial lady.
So here is my first interview:

enise from Theres always room for one more for one more


Welcome Denise!

Why thank you. Thank you for inviting me.
um yes, I was going to off er you coffee but I notice you have a Starbucks cup with you I did promise you coffee and cookies you know....well moving along..
You have a unique blog, it is always funny, entertaining and informative.
Why did you decide to do a blog?

I always thought my dream job would be to have a weekly humor column in a newspaper but I had no idea how you would get a job like that. I knew about blogs before but only adoption blogs. But in the summer of 2007 I discovered Dawn Meehan's blog Because I Said So and I realized I could have my own humor blog. Of course, back in the early days I only had about 5 people reading, but I had fun. Even now I try to ignore how many people read my blog and just have fun. I always said when my blog wasn't fun anymore that I would stop.

Are your older boys helpful around the house?

They are. I used to work full time and I was a firm believer in them helping around the house. They used to do their own laundry and had days of the week assigned to do it. They no longer have assigned days but they still do their own laundry, even when I volunteer to do it for them.

They both clean, although not always spontaneously, but Trace is awesome to have around when we have people over for dinner because he always cleans up the kitchen. Ross is the one who can cook and he makes a killer marble cheesecake. They both can change diapers, make bottles and buckle babies/kids into car seats. I think I've trained a couple of great future husbands.

I noticed on your book shelf you like Sophia Kinesila, what other books do you read?

Girly books, for sure. I just read Comfort Food by Kate Jacobs and I've started Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

What do you do to relax?

Read and watch tv. I know, total couch potato.

do you have many friends in the blogsphere?

I do! I love that about blogging. I've got at least 10 people that I consider to be good friends.

Have you met any in person?

Nope, not a one. I'd love to though.

How does your family react to you celebrity?

I'm sorry, I think you have me confused with someone else! LOL It's funny, my kids never really paid much attention to my blog and I think my extended family thought it was "cute." But then I started getting more and more followers and they started paying more attention. It works for me and against me. At family events I'm asked if "this will make the blog" -- sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. My kids tend to think they can just pitch an idea and I'll throw it on the blog. I do have my standards, although sometimes the evidence is to the contrary.

Since you print pics of your kids in your blog, do you have many problems with the paprizzai?

Yeah, they're a major problem but you learn to deal, ya know? It's just all part of the price of fame and fortune. The key is to give some really embarrassing shots to keep them coming back. I even use some for my blog.

Since your interview with food network,. have you met ohh I forget his name yet?

Tyler, Tyler Florence!!! No, Tyler seems to be evading me at this time. I think he's just toying with me. Dont' worry, I'll hunt him down.

BTW how are you dealing with your fame?

You know, I'm just like everyone else. I have a personal servant put my pants on one leg at at time.

Do you have anything you want to share with us?

Hmm, that's a loaded question. You want my French Silk Pie recipe? I'm making one this afternoon.

What is the single most memorable event that occurred dealing with your blog?

That's such a hard question! I think perhaps it was when I did the Six Days of Christmas Giveaway last December. That was so much fun and everyone seemed to really get into commenting about how they followed me. It was a total blast. I LOVE giving stuff away, you have no idea how much! I hope to be able to do it again this Christmas.

As I said almost everyone I have interviewed has taught me something about blogging You taught me how to have fun with any situation even poop in a grocery store....
How do you keep your sense of humor?

I learned a long time ago that you have a choice to be positive or negative. I'm definitely not positive all the time, but I've found that if you face a difficult situation with a negative attitude it will be much more difficult then if you try to face it with a positive attitude. Plus poopy situations make great blog material.
Are you ready for The Amazing Race?

Yep, I'm running 15 miles a day, biking 10 miles and swimming one. Oh, wait, no that's for my triathlon I'm doing the day that Hell freezes over. Let's just say that if Phil calls me tomorrow, I'll be on the first plane. Whether it's for The Race or just to hang. Just sayin'.
Well Denise, I want to thank you for taking the time to talk to us, uh Denise? I see Emma over there, uh hmmm is that what I think it is or is it French Silk Pie? No I uh think its...
Well Folks thanks for stopping by Film at 11.
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