Friday, July 3, 2009

Moving day

Moving Day...
We were up early, planning to be out of the house by six pm and into the new house, busily unpacking.

We had the trailer on hold at our trusty up the road UHAUL:19.95 a day one way:remember that.
We started moving everything to the front of the house, we had been doing this all week anyway so there wasn't much, we just had to clean up.

Old Landlord calls excitedly: he has rented the house , but the catch is..they need to sign the papers and be in today can you be out by ten AM?
TEN AM!!!!!

Well he has been a nice landlord, we didn't have much left, the rest of our stuff was in the backyard of the new house..the new landlord went out of town and forgot to give us the key.
So we talked him into 1pm and got ourselves moving. This observation is based on having a 5 by 8 trailer to moveus.

Denise leaves to pickup the hitch, and the trailer comes back ten minutes later. It would appear we need a s special wiring contraption for her new truck, so the lights would work. Cost: 100 dollars time needed to install:Priceless.

So we preceded to move everything in her truck, you have not had fun until you have ridden down a major interstate with a mattress on the top of your car and a full truck, well SUV.Eric kept muttering something about " West Virginia"i I didn't ask, I didn't want to know.

We made a total of 9 trips when we decided to go to Denny's for lunch, It was at this point, painfully clear we were not gong to make it by the appointed time, we had to reorganize the battle plan. Eric gets a call from the new landlord He's in town and sorry about he key thingy
Erics off to get the key.
While there, a friend of Denise's heard our discussion and volunteer her husband who just happened to work for a moving company...and did we think he could be of service to us?

Does a duck have feathers?

We made arrangements, he showed up with his truck in 30 minutes, we all breathed a sigh of relief, loaded the truck and took off, Denise stayed behind to clean up, we rescued her a few minutes later ....only an hour late.

Next time I move, as I sit here surrounded yet again by chaos, I am leaving everything else behind..

Oh I said rememnbe the uHAUL, 19.95 somehow became 50.00..who knew? We were happy about the light thingy.

Someone told Denise a long time ago: you know your friends by who helps you move when you need them.

We had friends in Charleston we didn't even know about.

Go Figure.

Ain't God Grand? :)

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