Monday, August 31, 2009

Book Review Fearless- Max Lucado

I don't usually do book reviews on this blog, I generally do them on my Hello, book review blog. But this book was so special, and so wonderful I wanted to share it here. If you have ever read Max Lucado make sure you rad this book, if you have not ever read him, this is a great first book for you to read.

I just finished reading Max Lucado's Fearless, and it is a wonderful book! The fact that Max Lucado is my absolute favorite Christian Non Fiction writer, I believe he has outdone himself with this book.
He starts with the story of his brothers death. His brother was a man, troubled by fears and insecurities. He was a recovering alcoholic who at the end faced his fears only to be called home.

We all have fears, fear of not being a good enough parent, fear of dying, fear of not making enough money,

The premise of the book is how much better our lives would be if we didn't have so much far and more faith. The first thing we do is become filled with fear.

A new job opportunity is offered to us, it is different then we are used to so the fer sets in,
a move to a new state, even new food. Sure you love Sushi now, but how calm were you when you sat down and ate it the first time?

God doe snot want us to live fearful life's, as a matter of fact he says in the Bible that we are not to have a spirit of fear but of peace. Why is fear the first feeling we have?

Feed your fears, and your faith will starve.
Feed your faith, and your fears will.

The next time your reaction is fear, turn to God, let Him know.

I recommend this book because it is so uplifting, it is what you need in a scary situation
Max Lucado's book immediately put me in a calming spiritual frame of mind. He mentions several ways to change fear into faith, but reading his books does it for me.

If you are coming up on change that is scary, or different. You are sitting there worried about something. Pick up this book and change you whole frame of reference. God doesn't want us to be scared, he wants us to have faith. This book tells us how.

The one chapter that really touchged me wa chapter "There's a Dragon in your Closet"
What is your dragon? All of us have them. You have to learn to slay that dragon, because it is usually something that is not likely to happen, we just think it will or might, then we are scared.
Read this chapter and learn how to slay that dragon.

The bottom line youneed is your Bible. God tells you how to allay fears, slay dragons, deal with inlaws all of he things you fear. Turn that fear into faith.

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